Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hello World

I'm back, slowly, v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y. . . . . but I am back. I didn't go far, and I am not quite sure what happened to the last week except there was lots of *ugg* and not much else.

It all started last Saturday, the usual soccer rush, putting up goals, sorting little teams, keeping game time, cheering little soccer feet, packing up little goals, canteen helping, and then the *whoosh* of heat from the toes, travelling up to my eyeballs, uh-oh, I am going to pass out. Excusing myself from canteen, feeling my time running out, I made it to the ladies, head between the knees to hopefully beat the black out. Nope, too late, *crash*, lights out.

Woke feeling rather quite spaced out and not quite sure of where I was but realising that I had been sick - yeah, it's gross. Picked myself up and somehow tidied myself and the floor up. Didn't go back to canteen but slumped myself on the bench outside and obtained a lemonade which tasted just like heaven to me at that moment.

My little fellow was with me, and hubbie and my big boy were at another ground, they were on their way to collect us when I dropped to the ground, so I knew they weren't going to be far away. So glad I wasn't driving, there is no way I could have got us home. I am also pretty glad I managed to pass out in private. I don't like creating a spectacle of myself, especially like that, and in front of my little one.

Anyway, got home and promptly went to bed, just over three hours later, woke had an apple and went back to bed til morning.

Sunday was a soccer gala day for our eldest, of course, I went (I know, very stupid of me, but I went). Spent the day totally exhausted and my hands and feet were frozen, head spins, headaches, tingling in hands and feet, and my joints, oh my ankles, knees, wrists, elbows, and hips, aching, aching, totally, painfully aching. I couldn't do my boys shoe laces up that morning, I couldn't bend my knees, by Sunday afternoon, I had to remove my wedding rings because that finger was going purple from the swelling. Shoes no longer fit my feet, toes were also purple.

Monday it continued, I could not grip my toothbrush, and was in tears of pain and frustration because there was no way I was able to drive my boys to school or do my volunteer student work in the classroom that I do each Monday. At this point in time, I would like to thank a very special friend, Kerrie, she collected my kids from school, she kept calling me to make sure I was ok, she roused on me for not telling her I was getting my blood tested and that I caught a taxi home, cause I didn't want to pass out on her or worse, be sick in her car, but she was there the whole week for me, checking on me and worrying about me. I cried on her shoulder in frustration of my stupid body and how helpless and exhausted I felt, she listened and she looked after me. Bless you girl, you are an angel.

By Monday night I was over it, I thought if it were just a virus, surely 48 hours was plenty of time to possess my body and move on. Went to the night dr. and he gave me a script for anti-inflamatories to bring the swelling down and ordered blood tests.

Tuesday, blood tests done and back home to sleep. Wednesday I woke to drenching miserable rain, well actually rain isn't miserable, I love the rain, so I made a decision to keep my boys home with me. I loved the distraction of having them home with me, we did some school work, jigsaw puzzles and surprisingly enough (!) I had a sleep, again.

Thursday although sluggish and joints aching and still taking panadol for the headaches, I was able to drive my kids to school. Wow, it was so strange being out of the house. I also managed some basic groceries before feeling whoozy and got home to, yep, you guessed it, have a nap.

I have just being doing the very basic all week, making sure homework is completed, uniforms are washed and ready for wearing, and food is on the table for them all.

Friday Dr appointment for blood results. Apparently my bloods are perfect, my kidney, liver, cholesterol, white cells, sugars, everything, the whole lot is perfect. I was tested for rheumatoid arthritis, which I knew I didn't have as my brother suffered that and our symptoms were not all the same. Ross River Fever and another mozzie bite fever were tested for and also negative. Which did surprise me because I had every symptom of Ross River Fever. My Dr told me he thinks it's a reactive arthritis, which I googled when I got home and well I don't have that either. Oh well, he did say it attacks the joints and there is nothing that can be done other than taking the anti-inflamatory, which I have now stopped, as I worked out that was causing me nausea, and I prefer fat fingers to throwing up. He told me it's not contagious, however, I forgot to ask him how exactly I 'caught it'. He said I need to take it easy, no jarring, no lifting heavy, lots of rest, and that it can take between 3 to 6 weeks to recover. !!!!

So here I am, Saturday night, typing, woo hoo, I am typing, and I reckon I am almost back to speed too, double woo hoo! I will confess, I had a three hour sleep this afternoon probably cause I vacuumed the floors, cause it just got to me that much, and I have done two loads of washing, we did the soccer this morning, but thank goodness both games were away games, which means we are the guests and I took my chair and sat like a granny for the game. Oh and I haven't taken panadol for the headaches all afternoon - triple woo hoo.

Oh I have missed you all, I have missed the making, I have missed the chatting, I have missed visiting your lives and loves, I have missed being awake.

I have never had this 'thing' before in my life and I can tell you, when I walked out of that surgery on Friday, I left that virus sitting on the bench near the door, it is NOT coming home with me anymore, I am done, it can take someone else home, and I left it there pulling a sour face in my direction. With a deep breath, I was out that door and I was ALONE!

Welcome back Joyce, lol, watch out, I am going to be visiting your place very soon, possibly between naps, but I will be there - promise.

Friday, July 23, 2010

My Creative Space

Happy Friday to you all. I know my creative space is a day late, as I worked yesterday. Today I am busy with the three 'C's, creating, cleaning, and committee, oh make that five 'C's, can't forget the choccie and crochet.

So here above is a photo of my creative space. May I introduce to you Steve, my frangapani tree. Sorry the photo is looking a tad bleak here this afternoon (I still do have visions of painting this fence purple to match the other side - it's on my list). We did have lovely blue skies earlier today and now it seems the clouds are closing in a little. I would like to thank Steve for showcasing my little scarves I have made to keep necks warm. These are the first eight scarves I am donating to our local Cancer unit here near my place. Since doing the shave for a cure, my neck has really felt the cold this winter, and so I thought I would make some scarves to give others. I will be handing these over next week.

Oh and just to let you in on the name, Steve is named and planted in memory of two very special people who are no longer in the flesh. It's an honour to have known them both.

I hope your neck is lovely and warm this weekend. Have a good one, whatever it is you plan on doing.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

what's On Your Table - Tuesday.

Good morning to all my blog friends. I do apologise for my absence of late, it's been rather busy at our place, but lots of fun, well other than the gruesome monster with mega sharp knives that slice so delicately through tomato - lol.

I haven't forgotten to come visit, I have missed keeping in touch with all the blog lovin' of late, and hope to be back 'regular like' this week. I will pop in and say hello to you all over the next few days and catch up with what you have been doing at your place. I so miss chatting to you all, and checking out your craftiness.

This has been some of what has kept me busy the last few days, along with committee, family, parties, farewells, baking for farewells, and general Mum stuff.

A collection of scraps. . . .

becomes a collection of little squares. . . .

with a little love and more yarn, becomes some snuggly squares to post to Mrs Twins to be made into blankets to keep others warm. This is what I made from the above 'scraps' of yarn. The two little squares that are not complete, will be very soon to add to the collection to post over. I just need more yarn, which won't be far away, once I complete a few other projects.

This is what is on my table this Tuesday. My squares for SIBOL
If you have 'scraps' of yarn and a little spare time, you can also make some squares to be made into rugs to help keep others warm. Pop over and have a look at all the stunning squares that are being made for rugs. Mine are rather 'plain jayne' compared to the talent that is showing up over there.

So tell me, what's on YOUR table this Tuesday. I hope it's something fun.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

It's a little bit Yikes! and a little bit eeee! and a little bit huh?!! and then it's just oh!

This was me about 10 minutes ago. Romantic huh!! NOT ! I was shivering, I was jumping at every little creak and tick, I was waiting some sort of gruesome figure to come crashing through the window brandishing kitchen knives, (you know the really shiny silvery sharp knives that are great for slicing through the skin of a tomato without so much as a hint of resistance by the softness of the flesh).

ok, ok, onto the facts now, I was minding my own business, with kids snuggled in bed just after Master Chef had finished (my darlings love that show, and being school holidays they have really gotten into it cause they can stay up later than a school night), I tidied a few things away, and settled myself down with my crochet and was just wondering if a choccie would be good about now when 'poof' it happened. There went Bondi Vet (tv show), there went 'click' of computer, 'Yikes' says me, some lights were off and microwave as well. First instinct was to grab candles, wondering of the other lights would follow. Candles lit, I look at the time on the oven and then to the microwave, 'eeee!' microwave is out but oven, directly below it is on. I grab the phone, 'pip!' gone, dead, nothing, zip, blank. At this stage I should mention my big boy is out playing his soccer game, so no big man help available. I text neighbours to see if they have same problem, but no she advises me, all good at their place. 'Yikes' again from me and a little *shiver*. I text I am scaredy cat, and she offers to send hubbie up. Oh it's too cold I say, but thank you. I think just knowing they are down the road makes all the difference. So candles lit I wander through house, yep, everything is locked, back to lounge room, under the rug, try to stop shivering - try to crochet, look and the pretty candles me thinks, this is so lovely *yikes - in back of mind, gruesome monster lurking somewhere outside with shiny silver knives that slice so daintily through tomatoes.*

Then I get an 'oh' moment. Our powerbox is locked with a padlock. There can't be a gruesome monster flicking our switches and if there is, then it can ONLY be the powerbox meter man that comes to check it cause he is the only one with master key. *sigh* oh Joyce, you silly sausage! *maybe someone captured the meter box man and took all his keys* STOP IT JOYCE !!

Kept under the rug, shivering for a few minutes more. Hubbie not home for another 1.5 hours, I am going to be one shivering mess if I keep this up. Need. to. go. check. meter. box.
Ok, ok, I'll go, . . . . . . in a minute.
Keys in left hand, torch in right hand, *shiver* all the lights at the front of the house are turned on (thank goodness the gruesome monster left me the front lights)*shiver* around to meter box, *shiver* unlock padlock, oooohhhhhhhh, the switch had tripped and was flicked off, must have been a power surge thing - ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha oh Joyce, flick switch, return padlock and back inside, and lock the door. *phew*.

The adventures of Joyce!

Pretty Upcycling

Here are the finished gifted writing sets for our three little friends. They are now in the post on their way to a new home. I do hope they like them. See what I did with the lonely puzzle pieces. I think they look rather cute with each child's initial on the front. It was super quick and easy to do, just cut out the paper you want to use, glue it to the front of the piece and when dry, lightly sand around the edges to give it a lovely finish. The letters are just alphabet stickers, of which I have a huge collection of in all shapes, sizes and colours. The little parcels are bound in pretty ribbon or you can use a length of cardstock. With double sided tape put it all together.

Thank you for stopping by my place today, I so love your comments and ideas and to see what you have been up to as well.

Have a lovely evening and keep warm. I plan on more crochet tonight at my place, another scarf is on the hook and more squares for Mrs Twins.

Our Creative Space

It's school holidays here still, so instead of 'My' creative space, I thought I should share 'Our' creative space this week.
Do you remember the old magic painting books, just need paintbrush and water - how wonderful, my brother visited yesterday and gifted the boys with a book each.
I have never been able to find these books, they love them.

Don't have a big enough police truck to catch the baddie cars?, then improvise!! Colour a regular pattie case in red, top with a silver one to make a perfect siren to hunt down those naughty speeding cars and lock them up.

We have puzzles being made today as well, I love how they love to do a few pieces now and then as they walk past. These two puzzles are done, we are working on a map of the world now. Oh and these puzzles glow in the dark - too cool!

The above is from the stamping day I had the other week, and this is end result. Some lovely notepaper to gift our lovely little friends that have moved town. This will ensure they can keep in touch with their little friends. All I did was slice A4 paper in half then stamped along the bottom and on some envelopes. I am in the process of finishing off the writing packs and will share when done. I am going to stamp some more papers as we have a few birthdays coming up and I think it would make a very pretty gift.

While the boys were painting, I decided to do some crafting. Don't stress, these puzzle pieces are not from the earlier puzzles. lol. These are from old puzzles that have lost pieces, so no good to anyone at all, however, Joycie don't like throwing things away, so has found a good use for them. More to be revealed soon.

While on hold earlier today (darn those phone companies), I managed to hang washing on the line, and finish this scarf. This is the first scarf to be donated to our local Cancer ward.

To see what Kirsty has been up to and a whole lot of other lovely bloggers, click on over to kootoyoo and join in the fun. Would love to see what is in your creative space today.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's On Your Table - Tuesday.

Aren't these flowers just divine!!
Gifted to me from the children and club at the soccer clinic last week. There are two bouquets in one, such glorious colours. It's amazing what a vase of flowers can do to the soul. Each time I walk past them, I have to stop to look and smell and just 'take them in'.

Just to be gluttonous, I am going to share what is on my coffee table as well this week. I cannot leave these beauties out. These were also gifted to me from a family whose children attended the soccer clinic, there were choccies to go with these lovely roses as well.
One very spoilt Mumma here right now.

The pink rose smells like lollies according to my youngest darling boy. I can't tell you how many times I have caught him walking past the table and taking a whiff. It's so lovely to see that he gets such sweet enjoyment from them like I do.

I am off here now for the day, a vote was taken and jammie day it is, we are going to spend the day doing not very much, possibly lego, jigsaw puzzles and lots of piles of nothing and then a bit of 'not much at all'. Oh other than three loads of washing, and I do have a committee meeting report to write as well as a newsletter to prepare, but when you are in your jammies for the day, then it's all so much more relaxed. I so treasure these days with my boys, because I know that one day these days will be over.

What is on your table this Tuesday??

Monday, July 12, 2010

Something to Gift and Something to Keep - Both Finished

Georgie Girl - Candy Floss. In the post to my Mum. I hope she likes it.

Flower Power knee rug for this Mumma - oh and choccies gifted to me from some lovely soccer clinic kids last week.

Can you guess where I will be tonight?? Let me just say, this is my very first granny square rug, with my very first crochet flowers, with my very first picot crochet edging. I am fairly pleased with myself, yes I certainly am. The picot crochet edging I found from a baby knitting book that I have here, so I had a play and I think it looks just right. As for joining the granny squares, I am not quite sure they are right. When I finished them, I found a few blogs with instructions that didn't match what I did, so the next one will be different.
Close up of picot crochet edging, just cause I like it so much.

How was your day today, did you manage to teach yourself something new, did you discover that YES, you can do it and wow, it looks so awesome, and you want to make some more??

Princess Charlotte Alopecia Foundation

No, it's not a creature from a weird sci fi movie. It's my hair. Well actually it was my hair, it's now in the post to Princess Charlotte Alopecia Foundation to hopefully very soon be made into a wig to adorn the head of a darling little girl or boy that needs it.

You see, I am very lucky that my hair grows, and it seems such a waste to go cutting it off when it can be used to help someone else.

I have been wanting to do the Leukaemia Foundation Shave for a Cure for quite a few years now, however, decided that I could do two good deeds in the one turn. I waited about four years until my hair was the required 30cms so it could be used for wig making. In that time using no colours or perm solutions on my hair to keep it as natural and hopefully as healthy as I could.

When I wrapped it up this morning, it was hard to believe that it used to be attached to my head. It's silky soft and so shimmery, I really did take my hair for granted. I don't regret what I did, however, quite the opposite in the fact that I really should have done this when I was younger and would have been able to grow enough for maybe two wigs in my earlier years.

My shave was the 14th May this year, so about two months are gone by now and I sort of resemble an ugly astro boy. *giggle* It's true, I look rather like a freak at the moment, but a lucky freak, cause my hair is growing.

Well my final $$ count is in and I have raised $3,070.00 for the Leukaemia Foundation which is way beyond what I thought I would raise. Thank you in a HUGE way to my wonderful sponsors, family and friends, and my hairdresser, I could not have done this without your love and support. I know a lot of people were rather shocked that I was going to do it, and some disbelieving, but you have to admit, it's for a great cause, and now I can cross that 'to do' off my list.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Squares for SIBOL

When you think all you have are scraps, think again, this is what I made from my 'scraps' of yarn last night. Not that anything I have I consider to be 'scraps' as such, because everything has a use, it's just a matter of time before you discover when and where.

When I finish a project, any yarn left over gets wound up and put into a container together with previous left-overs. Including all those little wound in ends that you snip off, yes, they also have a use, well at my house they do. I will share this with you hopefully in the next week or two.

My crochet squares above are going to be posted off to Mrs Twins to be sewn up and distributed to nursing homes and those that are in desperate need of warm blankets in the UK. It snows over there you know, and although it's warm there right now, it won't be in a few months time, so if you have any 'scraps' in your collection, pull out your hook and make up a few little squares of 'sunshine' for those less fortunate. It takes next to no time to hook up, and you are having a little tidy up at the same time as bringing a little love to cold knees. On the other hand, if you can't hook or knit, but you know someone that does, tell them about this wonderful site and maybe by you spreading the word, we can get more people warm. I am sure offers of yarn would not be turned away at all either for the making up of the rugs, but check with Mrs Twins first. I am sure she is happy to answer any questions you may have.

While I am here, I would like to say thank you to Mrs Twins for putting in the huge effort in memory of her Grandma. She must have been one very special lady to have a wonderful granddaughter like Mrs Twins.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Send A Little Handmade Love

Through my day, I think of so many things that I would love to blog about or share. There really is never a dull moment at the party, inside my little head!!

Today's post is charity crafting.

One of the items on my ever growing 'to do' list is to make crochet and knit squares for charities and a charity that has been brought to my attention by one of my lovely new blog friends Alice (who has just mastered crochet shell stitch and made some awesome hand warmers that you really do need to have a look at).

The site I am going to make some squares for is 'SIBOL' - Sunshine International Blankets of Love. Please if you have some spare time and spare yarn, it takes only a small amount of time to crochet up these squares and post them off.

Below are a few other sites of interest. I have also included Quilts for Kids. I was cross stitching for this group back in 2006 and really would like to do a few squares for their blankets again this coming summer.

I am also hoping to get a few scarves done to donate to our local cancer unit here, as since participating in the Leukaemia Shave for a Cure this year, my neck has really been feeling the cold this winter.

Have a lovely Friday at your place, and even if you don't have the time to make up the squares, then a lot of these places will take your yarn to crochet/knit up the squares, or even fabrics to back the quilts etc. Every little bit is useful.

If you have a charity that you would like to promote, please let me know, and I will put the info on here.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Soccer Mum

52 cupcakes
(12 no colouring in separate container for kids that can't have that stuff)

132 choccie crackles

1 cherry cake

2 batches of lemon iced choc bit slice

1 batch of brownie slice

. . . . and . . . . 1 sweets of quote - 'Australia with a strawberry, cause the
custard is the water Mum.' unquote.

Gives the grand total of
a week of soccer clinic for our little club,
oh and sweets for my little sweet after his dinner tonight.

What have you been cooking lately?

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Georgie Girl Scarf Recipe

It's a bit slow coming, but here 'tis, the recipe for my Georgie Girl scarf.

I used:
8 ply yarn
5mm crochet hook

Make 29 chain.
1 dc into fourth chain (1 chain on your needle plus the 2 you have just done become part of your next row.)
1 dc into the next 4 chain.
3 dc into the next 1 chain (to create '^')
6 dc into the next 6 chain
skip 2 chain (to create 'v')
6 dc into the next 6 chain
3 dc into the next 1 chain
6 dc into the next 6 chain
chain 2, turn*
miss that chain right there at the 2 chain where you turned.
6 dc into the next 6 chain (or tops of the previous dc's - not sure what they are called, so I have called them chain. You need to go through the front and the back of the stitch so the work remains even and doesn't stretch)
3 dc into the next 1 chain
6 dc into the next 6 chain
skip 2 chain
6 dc into the next 6 chain
3 dc into the next 1 chain
6 dc into the next 6 chain
chain 2, turn**

Repeat from * to ** this is your pattern.

You will notice you have a 'ridge' along both sides, don't freak out like I did. You MUST keep your 6 dc into each of your 6 chain to keep pattern straight. When you do your first few rows, it does look wonky, but keep going, this ends up being quite a pretty edging all the way along your scarf to create the 'wave' effect. Check out my first photo down the left side.

Another way to ensure you are keeping on track is when you do your 3dc into the one chain, you will ALWAYS do your set of 3 into the middle dc of the set of three from the previous row. Oh gosh, I wish my words would come out the right way. I have tried to show this on the second photo where I have spread my crochet apart. I can draw a picture if this helps. Just let me know.

Also, when you are doing your 'v' by missing the two chain, pull your wool to keep your tension neat here, the more relaxed your tension, the more 'open' your 'v' will be. I pull mine a little tighter, as my tension is fairly relaxed anyways.

Please, please, please don't be shy if this doesn't make sense at all, just ask.

I know this is called Chevron pattern, however, I am not sure I have the correct technical number of dc's etc, as I was taught by my Grandma many years ago and have just fudged it from memory to get what I now call Georgie Girl.

I have an order of two Georgie Girls in cream, and then also will be making one in pale pink and one in a soft green for gifting as well. I also have other ideas for this pattern, and hope to share them soon. Thanks Grandma.

If you make this scarf, let me know how you go, would love to see photos of your creations, just link me to your blog in the comments. I would love to see Georgie Girl keeping necks warm around the world.

What's On Your Table - Tuesday.

Red frogs are on our table this Tuesday. We love red frogs.
It's an early bird post today, so not the best photo early in the morning.
What is on your table this Tuesday?
Have yourself a hippity, hoppity day.

Monday, July 5, 2010

All Aboard!!

A little adventure on the weekend for us. A steam train ride. Oh the excitement and the noise and the smell. The awesomeness of hanging my head out the window to get photos - the joy of the simple freedom and open window in a train brings. That lovely 'chuffing' sound as we cruise along and wow, you can actually enjoy the scenery that rolls by watching the flickering of the shadows dancing in and out of the trees.

The little old-fashioned bits that make up the train, the blinds, the latches, door handles, little lanterns standing dusty in a corner. The old light switches, the bouncy, spring-y seats. So many adventures these carriages have had, so many stories they hold.

I took a 'gazillion' photos but have contained myself here and only shown my very faves.

Toot toot!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Space - On The Lounge

If anyone is looking for me tonight, this is where I will be.
Well between the above spot, and short breaks will be taken here.
The short breaks because my hands actually ache after a while
and I need to break up the knitting and stretch the fingers.

I hope you manage to find a cosy spot on the lounge with your
favourite snuggle rug.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Oh My Goshness

Have you ever checked into Ravelry - a knit and crochet community?

Well, you must, yes, you just must go and sign up and have a look.

I have just put in my 'stash'. Can you believe that?? Well go and have a look for yourself and trust me, believe it. I have been able to put in all my yarn details and make notes of what I plan to make with said yarn. I have more to log in, but that will have to be done another day. I used to have a little book that I kept a snip of the yarn, and notes of needles used and what I made and when. This is so much prettier and lots more fun.

Please, if I have been living under a rock, just say so. *giggle*, but after that, if you are a member of Ravelry, let me know if you would like to be friends on there and we can hook up.

I am still only very new to the site, and need a bit more time to get used to what and where etc, but how much fun is this!!

ok, time to feed the hungry munchkins.

I have plans for casting on tonight, how exciting, I do love that new 'casting on' feeling of a project.

Have a lovely Friday evening at your place.

No More Sleeps To Go!

You are reading the words of one excited Mumma, a Mumma that is spending this Friday dancing, cleaning, putting away, dancing, filing, sorting, washing, dancing, and generally removing as many chores as she can today. You see, at 3pm my sweet little ones come home from school and we are on holidays. I will have 16 school free days in a row with my little monkeys, my darling, smiling, so very tired cause it's been a long term little boys.

I was honestly, so very tempted to keep them both home from school today, but that wouldn't be fair, the last day of term is just as important as all the others, they love their little friends and I know that today will be a restful day for them. Packing up term 2, tidying their little desks, spending time with their friends. It would be selfish of me to keep them home today, despite the fact that my youngest had a total meltdown this morning and just couldn't for the life of him decide what pants to wear to school. (He has a choice of navy shorts or navy long pants.)

I am cleaning house and completing chores to the sounds of Inka Marka and more here. We have one of their albums, and I would love to get another. They have a website, however, I am unable to get into any of the downloadable songs on there. I so love their music, it makes me dance. It's so lovely to dance, let yourself be free and dance, dance, dance.

Vanilla candles are drifting their sweet scent through the house to get rid of the vinegar smell. (I clean with vinegar and it makes me hungry for hot chips - lol) It's a perfect day for candles, very cold and cloudy, misting rain.

I have much to do, so will be on my way. I wish you all a wonderful weekend, and I apologise if I am slightly absent from my blog, but I know you understand, and I promise to share our adventures real soon.

Make sure you find time to dance, it really is such a wonderful thing.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Creative Space.

Today I am creating. Playing with ink and stamps. Making a little gift for our friends that have moved away. A little gift that they can use to keep in touch.

What are you creating today, join kootoyoo and share your creative space.

I so love my Thursdays, thanks Kirsty.