Tuesday, August 31, 2010

What's On Your Table - Tuesday.

Little pretties from my garden to brighten my Tuesday table.

Good morning to all my lovely friends. I have missed keeping in touch with you all these last few days, I feel very much quarantined from the planet at the moment.

Thank you for all your lovely comments and thoughts for me and my house of sick. I have finally acknowledged defeat, and have a Dr's appointment this morning. I don't want drugs, I know it's viral and drugs won't work, however, today is day 5 and that's 4.5 days too many. I just need my left ear, left nostril, and left sinus removed and I reckon I will be just fine thank you. While I am there he may as well take my left eye too, just in case. I figure the sooner these are removed, the less chance of infection leaking to the right side will occur.

Moving right along now, let's forget about the *ugg* for a moment, I found a lovely recipe that I would like to share with you all. It's mega super easy and ultra mega super yum, as voted by all of the family, which is a rarity. Chicken & Ginger Broth Luckily I doubled the recipe, as I thought it would do us two nights to save me cooking tonight. lol, Well ummmm, it was that good that we went back for seconds and thirds. There is now only enough left for one large serve or two smaller serves for tonight. Normally I prefer to cook from scratch, however, this is a great meal to cook when feeling *ugg*. Also, where it says discard the ginger, *ahem* I don't think so, I put the ginger in my sieve and ran it under cold water to rinse. It is now in a container in the fridge ready for my ginger and lemon tea for today. *Yikes* discard ginger - how dare!!

To those of you feeling *ugg* perhaps print out this recipe and place it where your family can see it and make it for you. It's so easy to make, and there is very little clean up involved for them.

My darling little African Violet in flower.

So tell me, what is on your table this Tuesday? I would love to know.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Lurgy - the Utmost Dreaded

The sky is too blue, the sun is too bright, the birds are too loud, the air that moves around my body makes my joints ache and my head spin.

I have been drinking lots of water, eating apples and oranges, jam and toast. I don't feel like eating anything else right now. I have been taking panadol for headaches, and was advised that eucalyptus oil rubbed into the soles of my feet before I go to bed will help settle the coughing fits. I did this last night, and you know, I reckon it works. Either that or it's a subconscious 'thing', which is also ok seeing as I didn't have any coughing fits last night.

The fact that I have nursed my three boys for the last 2.5 weeks with it and up through the night with them, probably 100% percent guarantees my getting infected as well. Don't even go there with school kids and preschool kids snotty noses and *a-tishooo*ing all over the place.

I am feeling rather *ugg* and a little bit *bleugh* in between *iewww* and *yuck*. Please forgive me for hibernating the next few days until this lurgy of the utmost dreaded, passes us by.

Do you have any remedies or tricks to speed up recovery - the more natural the better. You know, things like, housework faeries, kitchen gnomes, laundry goblins, and homework wizards.

p.s. I do like honey but not in hot lemon drinks.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Creative Space

Easy attached elastic.

Little chain ties.

Just have to organise a little tea party to celebrate our new little seat covers.
Me thinks little matching coasters would be perfecto!

Head on over to kootoyoo to languish over more beautiful creative spaces.

What have you been making today?

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Book Week Parade To You

The making of a star.

Lots of little 'pincer' action in fly making

Dingo from Wombat Stew, complete with cooking pot full of water, splashes of mud, only the finest emu feathers, 100 flies (we were approx 58 short), slugs and bugs and creepy crawlies, and of course you just cannot make wombat stew without gumnuts.

The little boy from How To Catch A Star.

Remember I was making ears and crochet bugs? well this is what they were for. Our book week parade. Oh I just love this time of year, it's coming to the end of winter, halfway through what I reckon is the toughest term of the school year, and we have this little burst of fun to look forward to. The teachers dress up, the kids dress up, it's wonderful.

I love seeing the individuality of the children come through their characters. For this one day, they can be the character they so love and read about over and over again. It's totally their choice, they are free to step into the shoes of their heros, their favourite dog eared little book, that they know the story of from cover to cover. (Except when you have a cheeky little fellow, who on the morning of the parade decides to tell everyone he is a monkey. lol. Monkey is right. That he certainly is, and no costume needed.)

Ok to explain the process of book week at our place, when the first note comes home from school the boys head to their bookcases and begin their selection. It's a very serious business you know, there are many favourite books. They then bring out a 'short list' although my youngest had to go back a few extra times to reduce, and then reduce again his 'short list', even after I explained to him what a 'short list' was. Finally I think he got down to 7 books.

We then read the books over the next few nights, talking about characters they like and why they like them. A few more books are then put aside, and we narrow it down to the final choice. A list is made of supplies needed for chosen character, and we go through items already at home. A shopping list is made for items we need and it's off to the shops. Yes, they come with me, it's their parade and their character, I told you it's a whole process here.
Putting the props together is so much fun, I love this time with my boys, one day it will just be a sweet memory. There was no painting involved this year for us, but still lots of fun scrunching papers and messing about with glue. I did the sewing of Dingo, however, my little fellow told me what pants to take my pattern from and how long and fat he required the tail to be. The beauty of this is, the pants he loves and will get lots of wear out of this summer as beach pants. (woo hoo says Mummy)

It was then off to school full of excitement. It was wonderful, the parade is between Kindy, year 1 and year 2 students. They had the most wonderful morning, and they looked fabulous.
The quadrangle is a huge rainbow burst of book love.

Ahhhh, for the love of books!

Now tell me, if you were invited to participate in a book parade, who would you dress as?
(I would like to be Russell from Russell and the Lost Treasure, Patricia or Amelia Jane.)
Go on tell me, I would love to know.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

what's On Your Table - Tuesday.

Just look at those colours! You wouldn't think we had it cold and grey here today at all. I am working on a little project and it seems to be lookin' like it's going to work out just nicely, even if I do say so myself. Oh and yes, that is white elastic you can see that I am currently working into my last row of yellow.

Hmmmm, interesting, but I am unable to reveal just yet. What I can reveal to you, however, is how to make a beautiful perfect every time granny circle. All you have to do is go Here for a full and very simple step by step tutorial by the very lovely and ultra-mega-wonderful Alice. Make sure you say hi, I just know she would love that.

Enough chatter from me here now, I am off to do the 'rounds' lol of all my lovely blog friends and see what they have been up to these last few days.

So tell me, what's on your table this Tuesday?

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday - Check!

Do you find yourself sitting down of an evening when the little ones are snuggled into bed, picking up your glass of wine, cup of tea, knitting, crochet, or book, feeling your shoulders relax and drop, feeling the tension of the day dissolve with that first sip of wine/tea, feeling the rush and bustle of the day drift away with that first hooking of yarn over needle, or the first sentence of the new page in your book. You know what I am talking about don't you - yes you do.

Then . . . . . . . . wait for it . . . . . . . . . . here it comes . . . . . . . . . . it's galloping. . . . . . . . firstly. . . . . . . . in the very distance. . . . . . . . but you cannot escape . . . . . . getting louder. . . . . . and . . . . closer. . . . and . . . . gathering speed . . the gap is closing fast. . .and *BANG* there is no gap, it's there inside your head, a thousand of them galloping around caught in that holding yard of your brain, unable to break free, those thousand and one things to be done that need to be done, you cannot get them out, you shake your head, you sip your wine faster, hoping they break free, they are so noisy now. Cracking their hind legs against the holding pen of your mind, the whites of their eyes flashing angry, ears pinned back, wanting to be free.

Ahhhhhh, stuff it, wine down, crochet down, gotta make a list - gotta write it on paper, partially released.

So with that, today was pretty much a breeze and I managed to check most of my galloping runaways plus enjoy a lovely day with my family.

Here are some of the things I (and we) did today.

From the list,
uniforms ✓
wrap preschool fathers day gifts ✓
complete jumper ✓
banana cake and choc slice ✓
laundry ✓
newsletter ✓
prepare study notes ✓

. . . . here are items still outstanding on list,
make rocky road ☐
complete book week costumes ☐
chair covers ☐
Kellie scarf ☐
make book marks ☐
I do have an excuse for the book week costumes. I make sure the boys assist, even in a small way. Ultimately, it's their costumes, their book parade, I don't think it's right for Mum to do the lot, besides the whole process is good for them, they learn to plan and organise themselves, they learn to take notes and pay attention to what they need for their supplies, they solve little problems along the way when things don't stick or look how they plan, however, today it was way too sunny and lovely outside to be stuck indoors choring over glue and paint and papers and stuff, so we will do them after homework the next 2 afternoons.

. . . . and here are some things that weren't on the list, but made the day so special. Took some stale bread down to the creek to feed the fish, wandered round our local markets and along the jetty - phooey that I didn't take my camera, the water was the prettiest shades of a soft lime green through to aqua, blue and almost violet. (Thoughts of a crochet ripple blanket beginning to emerge in these exact colours) Relaxed on the grass and listened to live music at markets and did a spot of people watching, bought a coriander plant for our garden. Managed to do a bit more of my little fellow's beanie, completed my circle crochet from last night's post, however, not happy Jan, going to undo and start again. Watched my boys play handball.

wandered around our garden, and picked these pretty daisies that make me smile so much.

a completed jumper - this is the checked item on list one - woo hoo, it's wrapped and ready to post to our little nephew, who is now 1. Sorry about the disguised milo tin, that is my button storage, well actually it's one of my button storage tins, lol. Also apologies for chair legs, I love a glass top table, but not for times like this. Lucky the floor is clean today.

. . . . and a Mum's day is just not complete without there being the school sock matching puzzle. There is a spot in our lounge room that is just perfect for school sock matching. Yes, believe it or not, it's true. It's right near the window, out of the way of the general traffic, perfect in the late afternoon when navy blue is a crappy colour for socks.

So how did you do today? Did you check off your list? Did you lay new carpet? Did you wander down to the markets? Did you laze in bed? Did you drink cups of tea? Did you match navy socks? Did you invent something? Did you go fishing? Did you mow the lawn? Did you climb a tree? Did you make your bed? Did you pierce your nose? Did you eat your veges? Did you play handball? Did you write a letter?

Thanks for stopping by here this Sunday, I am back to the kitchen now to put some icing on my choc slice and have a piece of fresh from the oven banana cake. lol. hmmmmm banana cake.

See you at your place.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Vote 1 - Crochet Party

This is my Saturday night.
Three sick boys. Two just gone to bed, one rugged up on the lounge.
This nurse is going to put her feet up and rancho relaxo.

I did have plans for an election party, you know, put on the ABC, nibbles, bubbly, a bit of dance music and some friends over, however, due to germy ugg bug boys, plans have changed to Crochet Party for One.

It's all good, I will get a few things done that have been 'on the list' for a while now. This one in front here with the rainbow colours is totally inspired by Alice. Thank you my dear blogging friend for your stunning circles and colours. It's not quite granny circle pattern, but I want a closer crochet pattern for this project, however it's still in 'experiment' stage at the moment, and may just have to go to a vote to let the people decide. (People being my two boys, as it's ultimately for them). I just love these bright colours together, and hope to share completed photo of this one tomorrow. Go and check out Alice and Raymond, there is much sweetness to see, crochet flowers, coathanger covered lovin', circles, beanies, hand warmers, oh and so much more. Make sure you say hello, she is a lovely, lovely friend.

The peek of a knitting book in the top left I have just completed the band of a beanie for my youngest that he chose the yarn and pattern for. I shall share pics during daylight, as the yarn is a lovely dark teal/blue, and won't show at night.

Thanks for stopping by my place on this Saturday election night and I hope however you are spending your evening, that it's a relaxing one. Hey, I wonder if Julia and Tony are knitting something right now while watching the counted votes clicking up on their screens. You know, sort of like catching the bus or train, waiting at the dr. surgery or as a passenger in the car. oh. . maybe they have super mario on dsi. Yes, I said Tony knitting, I don't like to associate knitting and crochet to one gender only, that's just not fair. I just hope they keep their tension correct throughout tho.

What would be the name of your party if you had one?

Friday, August 20, 2010

*H* is for Heart

This is the fabulous find I mentioned in my op shop goodness post a few days ago, this is what I promised to share, and now I am sharing. This book was sitting amongst a pile of gardening books. No, I wasn't looking for gardening books at all, although I do love a good gardening book, however, it wasn't gardening book op shop day, it was crafty, yarn, linen op shop day.

Yes, you are seeing the correct price of my new book. One Aussie Dollar!

I heart this outfit. . . .

I also heart this outfit. . . . . .

and this. . . . .

of course I double heart this crochet loveliness. . . .

these cushions are totally heart worthy. . . . .

and OMG, I have landed in heaven, the ultimate ME item.

Yes, these are all patterns and that isn't even half of it, I just showed you some of the luscious goodness of this little treasure I scored this week.

I hope your Friday has been as wonderful as mine. I worked today at preschool.
I heart preschool.

Have a lovely weekend, surrounded by those you heart and those who heart you. It's good for the soul to be surrounded by stuff of the heart.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Creative Space

A little ear. . . .

little grubs. . . .

a little snail. . . .

A little excited for book week parade. . . .

Pop on over to kootoyoo and check out all the other lovely creative spaces happening today. Join in the fun, I would love to see what you are creating too.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Vintage Fabrics - Yes Please!

Retro Age Vintage Fabrics is where all the above loveliness comes from, check them out, postage is minimal in Australia and the prices on these fabrics are hard to beat.

If you want to check out their blog and add it to your faves like me, pop on over to here.

I have only put up some of the wonderful fabrics that I covert. lol. Oh there is so much to see, you can decorate your home, as well as funk up your wardrobe.

I know, I was totally born in the wrong era, but I can live with that as long as there is fabric like this to wear. I am not into technical terms and dates of fabrics, where they were printed and by whom, I just see what I like and I like what I see.

*ding, ding* oh, excuse me, it's choccie-wine time - *giggle* enjoy your evening.
Blessings from Retro-Joyce.

Aunty Ducky.

you never forgot our birthdays,
you dedicated your life to your family,
you are the youngest in your family,
you are the last one to reach Heaven.
They are all waiting for you Aunty Ducky.
We love you.
x x

From Stranger to Friend via Yarn

It's not everyday you get to meet a wonderful soul. People who give so generously without any payment or acknowledgement in return. People, who are total strangers, but then through various encounters, become friends. People, who give me faith that the world is a wonderful place, filled with wonderful people.

I have had the absolute pleasure in meeting more and more of these very generous people. The photos above are a donation of yarn to me from two total strangers. It all started like this, I posted a little advert in a free-cycle group online. Basically asking for small donations of yarns preferably in 8ply to be used to make up scarves for our local cancer unit, knitted squares for Wrap With Love, and granny squares for SIBOL. I got a return email from a lady saying she had some ends of balls of wool for me and would I like them. A few emails back and forth and I met up with her to collect the wool. She was with a friend who she told my email to and her friend also had a little clean out and together they handed over the above huge bag of yarns. I could not photograph the lot together as you can see, and the little white clothes peg is to give you an idea of how much yarn I was given. The lady's friend had suffered cancer 16 years ago. We talked for a few minutes about knitting, the friend talked about her cancer treatment, we have each others email addresses now and I told them how blown away I was by their generosity. I will photograph the scarves to them when they are done and I explained I already had eight to take to the cancer unit to be handed out.

I have so much faith in our world, for each day it seems, I get to meet wonderfully generous people. People like Mrs Twins. People like those from Wrapped with Love who so generously continue to carry out the founder's dream. (Sonia Gidley-King recently passed away.) People that ask for nothing, however, give so very much of their love and their time to bring a little warmth and comfort to those so desperately in need. The world really is a wonderful place and it's full of the most wonderful people. Don't turn the news on each night, it's far too depressing (and currently full of election blah), just turn to your neighbour, your friend, turn to those that uplift you and you will see that there really is much love and compassion right here, right now.

These are the people our world leaders should be looking up to, these are the people we need to tell our children about and write essays for school about, these are the people that need to be on the news, teaching the rest of us how it's really done.

Thank you.