Monday, July 12, 2010

Princess Charlotte Alopecia Foundation

No, it's not a creature from a weird sci fi movie. It's my hair. Well actually it was my hair, it's now in the post to Princess Charlotte Alopecia Foundation to hopefully very soon be made into a wig to adorn the head of a darling little girl or boy that needs it.

You see, I am very lucky that my hair grows, and it seems such a waste to go cutting it off when it can be used to help someone else.

I have been wanting to do the Leukaemia Foundation Shave for a Cure for quite a few years now, however, decided that I could do two good deeds in the one turn. I waited about four years until my hair was the required 30cms so it could be used for wig making. In that time using no colours or perm solutions on my hair to keep it as natural and hopefully as healthy as I could.

When I wrapped it up this morning, it was hard to believe that it used to be attached to my head. It's silky soft and so shimmery, I really did take my hair for granted. I don't regret what I did, however, quite the opposite in the fact that I really should have done this when I was younger and would have been able to grow enough for maybe two wigs in my earlier years.

My shave was the 14th May this year, so about two months are gone by now and I sort of resemble an ugly astro boy. *giggle* It's true, I look rather like a freak at the moment, but a lucky freak, cause my hair is growing.

Well my final $$ count is in and I have raised $3,070.00 for the Leukaemia Foundation which is way beyond what I thought I would raise. Thank you in a HUGE way to my wonderful sponsors, family and friends, and my hairdresser, I could not have done this without your love and support. I know a lot of people were rather shocked that I was going to do it, and some disbelieving, but you have to admit, it's for a great cause, and now I can cross that 'to do' off my list.


Crochet with Raymond said...

Oh my goodness! $3070! That's just flipping amazing! Congratulations! You must feel so good! And funny hair is a good excuse to make hats! :)

TK said...

Well that is just FANTASTIC!!!!!! Being new to your blog I had no idea you were also doing this little bit of amazing-ness! You are a super duper human being!!! am sure you look cute with elfin style hair as well as long hair!!! Way to go - that is a phenomenal amount of money!!!

'Joyce' said...

Hi Alice and Tiffany, Thank you both so much. Yes, I was totally amazed at my final count. My initial goal was $1,000.00. lol, as for elfin, oh how I wish. As for hats, ohhhhh most certainly, I have never had so many beanies in my life before. Lots of fun. I want to make a few baggy style beanies next.

institchesnbitsowool said...

Man!! I never knew I could have done that!! I did shave my head 4 years ago when my best friend got diagnosed with breast cancer and she got freaked out at the idea of hair loss. But I did not know about using it!! Damn... Now it's too late: it would only be grey :-( Not sure they'd like to use it in that state!! Well done, and let's spread the idea!!

dash robin said...

Oh, just found this post via crochet with lovely, what a generous and thoughtful thing you did with your hair. You are blessed with a wise mind and good heart as well as quick growing hair!

'Joyce' said...

Hi Institches, Oh how awesome of you *high five*. You are a treasure of a friend to support her in this way. Bless you, to be so brave to be by her side through her trials, to know she has such love from you would give her so much strength.

Hi Dash, thank you, it's been something I have wanted to do for many years, I doubt I could do it again tho, I do have quite a bit of grey coming through now, and not sure they would take it.

Have a lovely day to you both. Bless.

debra said...

Hey Joyce...i bet you look adorable. I love that elfin/pixie i call it around here. My little girl of 16 did the same around the same time as you to support a friend at school who is very sick with a tumor. Your long hair looks just superb and a wonderful idea to fly two birdies...sweet day :)