Friday, July 23, 2010

My Creative Space

Happy Friday to you all. I know my creative space is a day late, as I worked yesterday. Today I am busy with the three 'C's, creating, cleaning, and committee, oh make that five 'C's, can't forget the choccie and crochet.

So here above is a photo of my creative space. May I introduce to you Steve, my frangapani tree. Sorry the photo is looking a tad bleak here this afternoon (I still do have visions of painting this fence purple to match the other side - it's on my list). We did have lovely blue skies earlier today and now it seems the clouds are closing in a little. I would like to thank Steve for showcasing my little scarves I have made to keep necks warm. These are the first eight scarves I am donating to our local Cancer unit here near my place. Since doing the shave for a cure, my neck has really felt the cold this winter, and so I thought I would make some scarves to give others. I will be handing these over next week.

Oh and just to let you in on the name, Steve is named and planted in memory of two very special people who are no longer in the flesh. It's an honour to have known them both.

I hope your neck is lovely and warm this weekend. Have a good one, whatever it is you plan on doing.


Sarah said...

What a great and lovely idea to make scarves. That sounds perfect. Frangapani trees are very weird looking without their leaves and flowers aren't they? They are very special to me as we had them when we lived in PNG. Their fragrance is my absolute favourite.

Mandy said...

The scarves are terrific! You did a great job & for a great cause! Well done!

Crochet with Raymond said...

Wow! you have been so busy! whipping up all of those lovely scarves! What a legend... you have such a loving, giving heart!
I've never seen a frangipani tree... and never seen a frangipani in the flesh! Just in pictures! where do you live that it is so warm Joyce?!

Maria said...

Steve is a perfect display stand, might be a little difficult in the warmer months, but boy he will look swell - oh by the way the scarves are excellent!!!

Crochet with Raymond said...

Where are you Joyce! Do you know that I miss you HEAPS! I have discovered how much sunshine you inject into the blog world! Come back soon!

'Joyce' said...

oh Alice, bless you girl, I am back, I have missed you also. I am heading to your blog now to say hello and see what you have been making. xx

Mrs Twins said...

Hello Joyce,
I love this photo!
You've been working hard for your charities!
Well done to you.
I just love to see these scarves hanging.
Hugs Suex