Saturday, July 3, 2010

My Space - On The Lounge

If anyone is looking for me tonight, this is where I will be.
Well between the above spot, and short breaks will be taken here.
The short breaks because my hands actually ache after a while
and I need to break up the knitting and stretch the fingers.

I hope you manage to find a cosy spot on the lounge with your
favourite snuggle rug.


MonetPaisley said...

I am on the couch too with my crochet vest :-) don't think I bought enough wool :-(

Crochet with Raymond said...

Me too! In my rocking chair though... finishing off another pixie knit for my new three week old friend!

Sarah said...

Love your wool colour. Your crochet blanket looks lovely and warm. I've been cutting up large squares for a new quilt. Honestly I'm so bad, I should be working on the last one I started!

'Joyce' said...

Oh wonderful to know we are all creating together. As I sit and knit/crochet, I often think of you all, knowing somewhere in your own lounge rooms, you are snuggled down with the day behind you, creating a little something to be passed on, a little something to be gifted, treasured, handed on in years to come.