Monday, July 12, 2010

Something to Gift and Something to Keep - Both Finished

Georgie Girl - Candy Floss. In the post to my Mum. I hope she likes it.

Flower Power knee rug for this Mumma - oh and choccies gifted to me from some lovely soccer clinic kids last week.

Can you guess where I will be tonight?? Let me just say, this is my very first granny square rug, with my very first crochet flowers, with my very first picot crochet edging. I am fairly pleased with myself, yes I certainly am. The picot crochet edging I found from a baby knitting book that I have here, so I had a play and I think it looks just right. As for joining the granny squares, I am not quite sure they are right. When I finished them, I found a few blogs with instructions that didn't match what I did, so the next one will be different.
Close up of picot crochet edging, just cause I like it so much.

How was your day today, did you manage to teach yourself something new, did you discover that YES, you can do it and wow, it looks so awesome, and you want to make some more??


Mrs Twins said...

Both gorgeous! I love the edging on the blanket, I often do it and I find it works out well.
Lovely colours too, well done to you !
Hugs suex

'Joyce' said...

Hi Mrs Twins, thank you so much for your lovely comments. Yes, the picot edging is so pretty, and so much easier than I ever thought it would be. Your rugs are stunning. Bless.