Saturday, April 30, 2011

New Stuff, Old Stuff, Yummy Stuff, and Stinky Stuff.

Another lovely day on the road.  

We visited the historic town of Mogo Village.

The above is Mogo Cottage where Jellybeads stock all sorts of beautiful beads - ohhhhh I was in here for ages, just sighing with joy.  Oh and lots of touching, I love to feel things, I love texture and there certainly was plenty of that in Mogo.  Mogo has lots of lovely buildings just like this.

I didn't buy any beads, I managed to restrain myself *shock*, however, I did purchase some lovely soy melts from a lady in Plus of Mogo, who makes them her very self.  They are in our caravan, and right now, I am smelling mango.   hmmmmmm, sweet!  The strange thing is, I don't particularly like the taste of mango, I find it quite strong, yet ohhhhh that smell.  *sigh*. 

We got to see part of a pair of shoes being made by hand at Roman Leathergoods & Repairs, yup, by hand, such a lovely craft, and so rare these days with massed produced.  

I was very excited to know that items are made locally.  I don't like and won't buy things that are made elsewhere.  We are on holidays, visiting that particular town/place, there are so many local artists in each and every place we visit, I think it's important to recognise their talent and support them.  If we don't then alot of these towns will close and the residents will have to move to where there is work.  I don't want that to happen, I want to be able to visit back here one day, I want these people to still make their craft they love so much.  I want to meet them, talk to them about their passion, I want to purchase fresh produce that is grown in the places I visit, I want to check out the markets and see what people love to make/grow in their town.  I love the pride people have in the place they call home, and I like to hear the stories of why they love where they live.

We have met some wonderful people on our travels, and we are only 1 week in.  The country breeds beautiful people.   The local radio stations are pretty awesome too, I am totally diggin' the country music sounds.

. . . . anyways. . . . sheesh, the girl can talk!!
We stopped for lunch at Bodalla Dairy Shed.  Let me just tell you right here and now, if you are driving down this way and you drive past the above building, TURN AROUND, PULL IN, AND HAVE SOMETHING, ANYTHING FROM THEIR MENU - DO IT!!.

I walked in the door and gasped, immediately I was transferred to my Grandma and Pop's little hobby farm many, many years ago when they lived in Goulburn.  oh wow, oh wow, I  am sure I used to hide my peas under a little ledge that was under one of those tables with the metal looking edge, except Grandma and Pops had a green top from memory.  I think, maybe.  lol.  

wow chairs with stitching and those backs.  Actually I think Grandma and Pop's chairs had a little handle at the top of them.  Oh I am so trying to remember it all.  It even smelled the same with the wood fire and that cosy feeling of coming home.  I was totally transformed and it felt so wonderful.  It's amazing what a  smell and a chair can do.

Yes, even the cutlery was awesome.  I can't believe people make wind chimes from this stuff.  I would love a full set in my kitchen draw to replace the boring set I have at the moment.  

The food is fabulous!  We were so full, and it was soooooooo good!  So, there it is, if you are down this way, make sure you stop by for a meal.  Trust me, you will thank me.  

Oh and by the way, we thought we would be in cheese country here, Bodalla, however, no, we are not, and they sort of don't.  It's all done by a company of which the name escapes me, in Yagoona, NSW.  (which is funny enough in itself, seeing as I grew up very close to there, but never knew this)  But. . . . . there is a slab foundation next to this building and hopefully at the end of this year, they will have a cheese making factory up and running and will have viewings and tastings.  
Looks like we are coming back to Bodalla.  

After our huge meal, the need to stretch our legs and 'shake it down' took us up this little road to the top of the hill.  What a beautiful little church.  It's an Anglican church and lucky us, the door was open.  Again I was transformed to a larger church in Goulburn as a kid, the cool interior, the tall ceilings, the architecture common to that time, the stained glass windows, the reverence.  I did not feel it was right to take photos inside the church, but I took some outside.  Wow that streak of sun just there in the photo.  There really wasn't alot of sun about in the sky today, but it just come through for this photo.  Kinda makes me feel that I really captured a special little moment here.  

 Yes, I had to touch this door.  Don't you just love these colours!!

The colours change here so much with the change of the sky. 

 View from the church.

View from just outside of Bega.

We arrived in Bega and stopped at what we thought was the Bega cheese factory, as in, we could check out how our cheese was made etc etc.  We thought we would be able to see from some sort of over observation deck or something like that.  However, no, we were wrong.  There is a gift shop, then upstairs there is alot of old machinery, which I honestly do like to check out, just cause I like old stuff, and another gift shop of locally made stuff, which is cool too.  Downstairs you can taste the stuff that you buy at the supermarket, which is also cool, cause it's Aussie stuff and you know it's Aussie stuff, but I am in Bega people, I want to SEE the whipping of the milk and the culture, doing the culture stuff and congealing and being whipped til it can be whipped no more. . . . . can't do that in Bega. . . . due to health regulations, that's what the sign said. . . . . due to health regulations, I can't get to see the whipping and congealing and separating and coming together and whipping some more.  

oh but you can smell it, oh yes, you can, you can smell it all, and it smells like vomit milk.  yup, just thought I would share, cause I like to share.
I am not saying to not stop here, I am just saying that if you want a cheese making visual, you won't get it here.  Everyone likes different stuff, I am just sharing my stuff.  

So back on the road for us and our stinky cheese noses, heading south again.  

Thanks to some wonderful wanderers down the streets of Mogo, and their beautiful labra-doodle, Coby, who we just HAD to stop and say hello to, they recommended Fountain Caravan Park, which was so lovely of them, because we are still travelling by the old 'gypsy pants'.  

What a beautiful place.  We pulled in and the bellbirds greeted us with song, oh it was a wonderful afternoon/evening.  Lilly the lovely fluffy pussy cat that lives here apparently never makes friends with guests, however, she and I had a great cuddle in the office and chat.  The lady in the office couldn't believe it.  Well we were meant to stop by here then that's for sure.  

This is such a pretty place, and apparently the fishing here is HUGE, yup, that big.  There are quite a few boats here in the caravan park, and wow, some of them are a bit fancy too.  Kinda feel a bit left out with no boat ourselves.  

Thanks so much for stopping by my place today.

Take care of you, and who knows where we will be tomorrow.  

Posted by Joyce.  xx

Friday, April 29, 2011

b.r.e.a.t.h.e. . . .


 is a second Spring


 every leaf

 is a flower.

 - Albert Camus - 

Photos taken north of Goulburn.

No stories, no adventures, just a moment, just a breath, just 'be'.

To Will and Kate, we wish you the very best for your future.

To the media, please. . . leave them alone, please.  

Thank you for stopping at my place today,
have a wonderful weekend at your place and don't forget to take a moment, just a small moment in your busy week to look at the trees.  

Posted by Joyce. xx

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Cockington Green Gardens

A few days ago, we spent the morning checking out Cockington Green Gardens.
It's itty and it's bitty and we loved it.  
Now I have to warn you, some of my posts will be a few days old, mainly because I think each place we visit deserves its very own space, and mainly because I am slow.  

The gardens are just beautiful and I will share more of that in a later post.  
There is so much to share, I need to break it up.  lol.  I can't stop taking photos.

Little teapots and colourful mushrooms.

Prettily trimmed gardens and lawns.  So sculptured and neat, you can see the thought that is put into these lovely gardens.  Just beautiful.

The camera just does not do these colours justice, so vibrant.

Even a dude delivering the fruit and vege on his bike.

This is my fave, the little farm. . . .

with the little cottage. . . . 

here is the whole thing together, this one stole my heart.

Minnie liked this guy, swinging from the gutterings. 

He likes this tractor hard at work too.

Fruit picking in progress.

A streaker at the soccer.

Love the aussie ute.  

Can't not share the Man from Snowy River.

We have left Canberra now and pulled into Batemans Bay on the lovely South Coast of NSW.  It's a bit rainy today and then a bit sunny, then it goes back to a bit rainy.  The boys have made friends with some of the other children that are here and they are playing hide-and-go-seek.  The giggles around the caravan are so lovely to hear.  

Today is a bit of a quiet day for us, we are relaxing, done a spot of school work, some knitting for me and 'work stuff' for hubbie.  Even managed a bit of housework *phew* time for a rest.  Housework in the caravan is heavy stuff I tell you, so much floor space.  *giggle* *sigh* such a tough life it is.  

Well I had better get going, the troupes are hungry, the big boy is off the phone, and the sun is out again.  Time for lunch, then perhaps some board games or a beach walk.  

Thanks so much for stopping by my place today.  
Have a lovely day at your place.

Posted by Joyce. xx

Monday, April 25, 2011

Our Anzac Day, in Canberra

Just after 4am, making our way to the War Memorial in Canberra, for the Dawn Service.

An experience I will never forget.

After a hot breakkie in town, we needed some space, we needed to breathe, we needed to let the morning's experience seep into us.  

To the Botanic Gardens we fled.

I took so many photos, so so so many photos, but only a portion are here.  

They will be shared over time.

I would not dare torture you all in one hit.

The sun, sparkling it's way up into the sky.  
. . . . . . . .
Here below are some of the beautiful gifts of nature.

(Eucalyptus mannifera)

(Banksia spinulosa)

(Correa 'Canberra Bells')

(Banksia spinulosa)

(Grevillea 'flame 'n beauty')

(Banksia 'birthday candles')

(Eucalyptus 'Summer red')

(Swainsona formosa FABACEAE 'Sturts Desert Pea')

After our dose of escape we decided we would hit the Mint.  
I love this first 'part coin' I had a bit of a giggle, imagine walking around with bits of cutoff coin 'change'!

Onto Parliament House.

The view from the 'roof' of Parliament House.  Looking towards the War Memorial.

At this point I wish to apologise in advance for the next few weeks.  
I am going to be posting lots of our travels, and journalling 'stuff along the way'.  It's just what I do, I can't not do it, I wouldn't be me otherwise.  I still also have my written journal and I also have a notebook in the car.  I can't help myself, I can't just 'live it' I have to write stuff down.  Maybe there is a name for it, I don't know, but whatever it's called, then I have got it.  Perhaps 'compulsive witting stuff down syndrome'  or maybe 'what the heck are you writing now' syndrome.  

I have managed to overcome one hurdle - being able to pack up and go away without a map, without booking and planning ahead every step of the way.  I am not even stressed about it either.  It's so wonderful to be free.

I am actually very proud of being able to be 'gypsy joyce'.  I do feel rather free, and it's such a lovely feeling.  If only I could stop recording it all, wow, how much more time I would have for knitting in the car. . . . . maybe the next trip then. . . . . not this one, no, I couldn't do that, because I have started journalling now.  Besides, my boys love to go back through our journals (yes, they have journals too, as part of their homeschooling while we travel) and read where we have been and what we did and the fun we had.  We also talk about it in the car as I jot it down and it's so much fun to share the memories.  So no, not this time. . . . . 

Thank you so much for stopping by, I won't blame you if you don't visit over the next few weeks as it's all going to be a little self-centered, but I need to record this adventure.  If you do come along for the ride, thank you and welcome, please feel free to comment, I would love to share my very first ever non-planned, flying by the seat of my gypsy pants adventure with you too.

Take care of you and truly if you have never done it, then get yourself some 'gypsy pants'* and be free.  

nb. * gypsy pants are not a particular brand of pants, they are just pants or a skirt or even a dress with leggings.  They can have lace on them or frills on them, they can be spotty or have rainbows on them, they can just be a tiny piece of g-string type gypsy pants.  There can be boy gypsy pants as well as girl gypsy pants.  That's the beauty of gypsy pants, the only restrictions on them are the ones we create.

Posted by Joyce.  xx