Monday, July 5, 2010

All Aboard!!

A little adventure on the weekend for us. A steam train ride. Oh the excitement and the noise and the smell. The awesomeness of hanging my head out the window to get photos - the joy of the simple freedom and open window in a train brings. That lovely 'chuffing' sound as we cruise along and wow, you can actually enjoy the scenery that rolls by watching the flickering of the shadows dancing in and out of the trees.

The little old-fashioned bits that make up the train, the blinds, the latches, door handles, little lanterns standing dusty in a corner. The old light switches, the bouncy, spring-y seats. So many adventures these carriages have had, so many stories they hold.

I took a 'gazillion' photos but have contained myself here and only shown my very faves.

Toot toot!


TK said...

Oh this so reminded me of trips on the Pichi Richi in the Flinders Ranges.....I love the sounds, smells & feel of a real live train!!!! You can feel & understand her energy.

Alice said...

Very cool! I bet your boys loved it!

AlyshaJane said...

I love steam trains! How fun! I'm sure you all had an absolutely fabulous time. What did the boys think? :)

When I lived in the Blue Mountains in NSW, steam trains used to come up for the village fair in Leura. I loved standing near the door and sticking my head out to smell the scent of coal and see the steam. Good times!

'Joyce' said...

TK spot on. It was wonderful.

Alice, oh we had a ball on that train. So much fun.