Thursday, July 15, 2010

Our Creative Space

It's school holidays here still, so instead of 'My' creative space, I thought I should share 'Our' creative space this week.
Do you remember the old magic painting books, just need paintbrush and water - how wonderful, my brother visited yesterday and gifted the boys with a book each.
I have never been able to find these books, they love them.

Don't have a big enough police truck to catch the baddie cars?, then improvise!! Colour a regular pattie case in red, top with a silver one to make a perfect siren to hunt down those naughty speeding cars and lock them up.

We have puzzles being made today as well, I love how they love to do a few pieces now and then as they walk past. These two puzzles are done, we are working on a map of the world now. Oh and these puzzles glow in the dark - too cool!

The above is from the stamping day I had the other week, and this is end result. Some lovely notepaper to gift our lovely little friends that have moved town. This will ensure they can keep in touch with their little friends. All I did was slice A4 paper in half then stamped along the bottom and on some envelopes. I am in the process of finishing off the writing packs and will share when done. I am going to stamp some more papers as we have a few birthdays coming up and I think it would make a very pretty gift.

While the boys were painting, I decided to do some crafting. Don't stress, these puzzle pieces are not from the earlier puzzles. lol. These are from old puzzles that have lost pieces, so no good to anyone at all, however, Joycie don't like throwing things away, so has found a good use for them. More to be revealed soon.

While on hold earlier today (darn those phone companies), I managed to hang washing on the line, and finish this scarf. This is the first scarf to be donated to our local Cancer ward.

To see what Kirsty has been up to and a whole lot of other lovely bloggers, click on over to kootoyoo and join in the fun. Would love to see what is in your creative space today.


Crochet with Raymond said...

you've been busy too! Just remember that I dont have wee dependents on school holidays to have fun with and amuse!!!!!
I can't wait to see what you're doing with those old puzzle pieces... I love seeing stuff being upcycled! Hurry Joyce and show us!
And that scarf... you just have such a big loving heart... you're just lovely.
Love form Alice and Raymond XX

TK said...

looks like lots & lots of good old fashioned fun where "Joyce lives" this week!!!

Mrs Twins said...

Sorry to hear your problems still with Blogger. I have sent the invite again.
Please try today!
Great time with your children.
I just love this post!
Hugs Suex

'Joyce' said...

Hi Alice, taa-da, do you like what I did to revive those old puzzle pieces? I think they are quite cute myself. I just cant stand throwing perfectly good items away if they can be used in some way. The colours are all mismatching and lovely and bright me thinks.

The scarf was so quick to put together, I have another on the hook. I need to hurry tho, winter will be done soon here.

Hi Tiffany, oh yes, we so love school holidays, I get my boys back to me. I don't know how others handle boarding school. I just couldn't do it myself.

Mrs Twins, grrrr, just tried again, no luck, and still no answer to my question in the help section. I still love seeing the beautiful work coming through tho and can comment on other posts.

Cynthia L. said...

Looks like you are all having fun on the children's holidays. My "baby" is 19 and we still like to craft when she has the time.

debra said...

Oh i wish i could pick me up one of those space puzzles....its fun..:)