Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pretty Upcycling

Here are the finished gifted writing sets for our three little friends. They are now in the post on their way to a new home. I do hope they like them. See what I did with the lonely puzzle pieces. I think they look rather cute with each child's initial on the front. It was super quick and easy to do, just cut out the paper you want to use, glue it to the front of the piece and when dry, lightly sand around the edges to give it a lovely finish. The letters are just alphabet stickers, of which I have a huge collection of in all shapes, sizes and colours. The little parcels are bound in pretty ribbon or you can use a length of cardstock. With double sided tape put it all together.

Thank you for stopping by my place today, I so love your comments and ideas and to see what you have been up to as well.

Have a lovely evening and keep warm. I plan on more crochet tonight at my place, another scarf is on the hook and more squares for Mrs Twins.


TK said...

I adore these little have given me some ideas...sorry but I am going to have to copy you on this one, but then again isn't copying the greatest form of a compliment??!!??

Mrs Twins said...

This is amazing Joyce. Brilliant neat idea!
Are you security settings set that you are blocked from joining?
The limit also is a 100 team bloggers. No I haven't got that many.
I'm trying to help this end.
Sent another invitation to you.
Sorry .....x

Mrs Twins said...

Joyce have you got another email address you can try with?
I think it is something to do with your mail address. Try and contact those people. Maybe?
So annoying.

'Joyce' said...

Hi Tiffany, oh how wonderful you are more than welcome to do same. I have also done a set years ago with writing paper and notecards. I would love to do more from the computer and print them, but enjoying the 'hands on' with the stamps at the moment. Each piece is unique, a one off original. I quite like that, I do. Please share what you make, I would love to see.

Mrs Twins, I sent you another email address, fingers crossed it works. I won't give up!! lol.

Fruitful Fusion said...

These gift sets are lovely! Excellent up-cycling!!!