Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hello World

I'm back, slowly, v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y. . . . . but I am back. I didn't go far, and I am not quite sure what happened to the last week except there was lots of *ugg* and not much else.

It all started last Saturday, the usual soccer rush, putting up goals, sorting little teams, keeping game time, cheering little soccer feet, packing up little goals, canteen helping, and then the *whoosh* of heat from the toes, travelling up to my eyeballs, uh-oh, I am going to pass out. Excusing myself from canteen, feeling my time running out, I made it to the ladies, head between the knees to hopefully beat the black out. Nope, too late, *crash*, lights out.

Woke feeling rather quite spaced out and not quite sure of where I was but realising that I had been sick - yeah, it's gross. Picked myself up and somehow tidied myself and the floor up. Didn't go back to canteen but slumped myself on the bench outside and obtained a lemonade which tasted just like heaven to me at that moment.

My little fellow was with me, and hubbie and my big boy were at another ground, they were on their way to collect us when I dropped to the ground, so I knew they weren't going to be far away. So glad I wasn't driving, there is no way I could have got us home. I am also pretty glad I managed to pass out in private. I don't like creating a spectacle of myself, especially like that, and in front of my little one.

Anyway, got home and promptly went to bed, just over three hours later, woke had an apple and went back to bed til morning.

Sunday was a soccer gala day for our eldest, of course, I went (I know, very stupid of me, but I went). Spent the day totally exhausted and my hands and feet were frozen, head spins, headaches, tingling in hands and feet, and my joints, oh my ankles, knees, wrists, elbows, and hips, aching, aching, totally, painfully aching. I couldn't do my boys shoe laces up that morning, I couldn't bend my knees, by Sunday afternoon, I had to remove my wedding rings because that finger was going purple from the swelling. Shoes no longer fit my feet, toes were also purple.

Monday it continued, I could not grip my toothbrush, and was in tears of pain and frustration because there was no way I was able to drive my boys to school or do my volunteer student work in the classroom that I do each Monday. At this point in time, I would like to thank a very special friend, Kerrie, she collected my kids from school, she kept calling me to make sure I was ok, she roused on me for not telling her I was getting my blood tested and that I caught a taxi home, cause I didn't want to pass out on her or worse, be sick in her car, but she was there the whole week for me, checking on me and worrying about me. I cried on her shoulder in frustration of my stupid body and how helpless and exhausted I felt, she listened and she looked after me. Bless you girl, you are an angel.

By Monday night I was over it, I thought if it were just a virus, surely 48 hours was plenty of time to possess my body and move on. Went to the night dr. and he gave me a script for anti-inflamatories to bring the swelling down and ordered blood tests.

Tuesday, blood tests done and back home to sleep. Wednesday I woke to drenching miserable rain, well actually rain isn't miserable, I love the rain, so I made a decision to keep my boys home with me. I loved the distraction of having them home with me, we did some school work, jigsaw puzzles and surprisingly enough (!) I had a sleep, again.

Thursday although sluggish and joints aching and still taking panadol for the headaches, I was able to drive my kids to school. Wow, it was so strange being out of the house. I also managed some basic groceries before feeling whoozy and got home to, yep, you guessed it, have a nap.

I have just being doing the very basic all week, making sure homework is completed, uniforms are washed and ready for wearing, and food is on the table for them all.

Friday Dr appointment for blood results. Apparently my bloods are perfect, my kidney, liver, cholesterol, white cells, sugars, everything, the whole lot is perfect. I was tested for rheumatoid arthritis, which I knew I didn't have as my brother suffered that and our symptoms were not all the same. Ross River Fever and another mozzie bite fever were tested for and also negative. Which did surprise me because I had every symptom of Ross River Fever. My Dr told me he thinks it's a reactive arthritis, which I googled when I got home and well I don't have that either. Oh well, he did say it attacks the joints and there is nothing that can be done other than taking the anti-inflamatory, which I have now stopped, as I worked out that was causing me nausea, and I prefer fat fingers to throwing up. He told me it's not contagious, however, I forgot to ask him how exactly I 'caught it'. He said I need to take it easy, no jarring, no lifting heavy, lots of rest, and that it can take between 3 to 6 weeks to recover. !!!!

So here I am, Saturday night, typing, woo hoo, I am typing, and I reckon I am almost back to speed too, double woo hoo! I will confess, I had a three hour sleep this afternoon probably cause I vacuumed the floors, cause it just got to me that much, and I have done two loads of washing, we did the soccer this morning, but thank goodness both games were away games, which means we are the guests and I took my chair and sat like a granny for the game. Oh and I haven't taken panadol for the headaches all afternoon - triple woo hoo.

Oh I have missed you all, I have missed the making, I have missed the chatting, I have missed visiting your lives and loves, I have missed being awake.

I have never had this 'thing' before in my life and I can tell you, when I walked out of that surgery on Friday, I left that virus sitting on the bench near the door, it is NOT coming home with me anymore, I am done, it can take someone else home, and I left it there pulling a sour face in my direction. With a deep breath, I was out that door and I was ALONE!

Welcome back Joyce, lol, watch out, I am going to be visiting your place very soon, possibly between naps, but I will be there - promise.


Posy Linda said...

Hi Joyce: I'm so glad that "sick" week is behind you. Take care of yourself and feel better soon.

Crochet with Raymond said...

Oh Joyce! That's so sad to hear, that you have been so sick :( I was wondering where you were... wondered in you were on holiday but then thought no... she would have probably had a blog countdown because you get so deliciously excited about stuff! Then I was hoping your boys were ok.... then I clicked into my e-mail thismorning adn saw your comments and could just sense that something wasn't right, and now I read your post.
Sounds like it was an awful week health-wise... glad to hear you have such an angel-friend looking after you and it's so nice to have Joyce sunshine back in the blogworld!
I will put a healing prayer onto my biggest healing crystal for you today, so listen out for those healing vibes with your 6th sense.
Glad to have you back
Healing thoughts from Alice and lots of love fom Raymond XX

AlyshaJane said...

Oh no! I am so sorry to hear that you have been unwell, Joyce. That sounds like a scary, awful time for you. So glad you have good friends nearby who can help out and pop in to see you. Wish I could, too! *hugs*

Take extra good care of yourself and get plenty of rest. Maybe a good time to pop on some favourite dvds and rest up on the lounge.

Merchy said...

Hi Joyce, I'am glad you're back.
Take care!

Amanda said...

How awful for you, hope you start feeling yourself again soon

TK said...

hope this week brings sweetness & light - sunshine for your soul my dear....xx

'Joyce' said...

Thank you all so much for your lovely well wishes and kindness across the blog wires. Oh just reading your messages have made me feel so much better already. I really am such a lucky girl to be so blessed.
Alice for sure, I felt the energy, the last two days have been 100% on the last week. I have not had a day sleep since Saturday afternoon. I am still a bit slow in my actions, however, I am not bogged down with the swelling AND I am not taking the anti-inflamatories anymore either. I don't like pills if I can help it at all. I kissed that bug goodbye at the surgery and it worked.

I am still getting around your blogs and catching up, but it's been wonderful to visit with you all again.


Miss Prudence said...

OMG! What a terrible shock for you all. So glad to hear you are on the mend, I have been whining about the flu whilst you have been healing a health horror...I feel very humble now...

Hope you are skipping and laughing real soon!