Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What's On Your Table - Tuesday.

Aren't these flowers just divine!!
Gifted to me from the children and club at the soccer clinic last week. There are two bouquets in one, such glorious colours. It's amazing what a vase of flowers can do to the soul. Each time I walk past them, I have to stop to look and smell and just 'take them in'.

Just to be gluttonous, I am going to share what is on my coffee table as well this week. I cannot leave these beauties out. These were also gifted to me from a family whose children attended the soccer clinic, there were choccies to go with these lovely roses as well.
One very spoilt Mumma here right now.

The pink rose smells like lollies according to my youngest darling boy. I can't tell you how many times I have caught him walking past the table and taking a whiff. It's so lovely to see that he gets such sweet enjoyment from them like I do.

I am off here now for the day, a vote was taken and jammie day it is, we are going to spend the day doing not very much, possibly lego, jigsaw puzzles and lots of piles of nothing and then a bit of 'not much at all'. Oh other than three loads of washing, and I do have a committee meeting report to write as well as a newsletter to prepare, but when you are in your jammies for the day, then it's all so much more relaxed. I so treasure these days with my boys, because I know that one day these days will be over.

What is on your table this Tuesday??


Luna said...

Thank You Joyce ,my squares are made with lots of LOVE for the Sibol.You have such a beautiful blog.Congratulations and have a nice week.

Crochet with Raymond said...

that's so lovely! The flowers are well deserved judging by the baking from the other day's post!!!!! They're so pretty and it's nice to hear your wee boy takes time to smell the roses!

Mrs Twins said...

Hi Joyce,
My twin daughters are 24 now.
I would love those early days back again.
Sitting around playing games, doing colouring etc.,
Yes I agree enjoy yourself, time goes so quickly.
Before you know it, they are grown up.
have a happy day with your children,
Love Suex

'Joyce' said...

Oh we had the most wonderful day. Stopping still now and then, so good for the soul me thinks. They have both requested another jammie day for Friday. More than happy to oblige, especially with school going back next week and a very busy weekend.

I so look forward to getting a few more squares made and then to post off to be given some real love from cold knees. Oh the travel these little squares will do, much more than I will ever get to see. What an adventure they are about to have. I am looking for things to knit and crochet now, just to build up my 'scraps' collection *giggle*.

Mrs Twins said...

I never thought of it like that. They travel to places I'm sure others would never go to! Aren't they so lucky. It's a pity they cant tell us all about their adventures when they get there. We could tie tags on the parcels and ask people to write comments along the way....
Now is that me cracking up! ha.ha.
Yes, I enjoy doing the photos out in the garden. people have gone to a lot of trouble for our project. I just like to make things nice for them. I'm waiting to see what Marion says......
I'll look forward to your Squares Joyce and I'll do the same for you!
Bye for a bit, Suex

'Joyce' said...

Hi Mrs Twins, lol, wouldn't it be strange to be able to communicate with rugs. I often wonder the adventures a particular rug I now own, that belonged to my Grandma has to tell me.
You have me cracking up also now. Like at the post office, the sorters put a little comment on there, then at the airport, customs write something to pass on. etc etc. Little bits of love added to the parcels as they travel to their new homes.