Monday, May 31, 2010

It's Not My Fault - Minnie Saw It First.

While waiting at the checkout today, Minnie brought to my attention this luscious, precious, mega delicious choccie tart - *sigh* I caved, I so totally caved and bought it. Not only did I get it cause my darling wants me to make that tart, but just above the tart it states 'Divinely wicked chocolate the pleasure is all yours.' (and so it shall be says me.) Then directly next to that states '36 fun and fabulous makes craft rules!' (Der, of course craft rules dude!!) Just below that promises 'knockout knits for him, you and your bub.' (Yes, yes, yes!) I need not go on, you can read the cover for yourself, you can purchase this magazine for yourself too. You can make, taste, treat, indulge, snuggle, knit and craft your way to heaven with this little mag. Oh and yes, that darling little owl at the bottom right of the page, is in there to be made as well - by you, when you get your copy too.

Funnily enough, there is a knitted pattern for a cowl in this mag, hmmmm, I am currently in the middle of knitting one, however, this one looks so much better than my made up attempt. Do I continue my knitting as I am just over half finished, or do I pull and unravel to start again using this gorgeous pattern!! I think I will keep going just to see how it turns out, maybe I will just keep mine as a scarf, then cast on and make the one in the book.

Oh and no, I do not, and have never, worked for this mag nor any of its affiliates, nor do I know any of the artists, camera peoples, cooks, crafters, painters - you get the idea.

5 Faves

Thanks Pip at :: Meet Me At Mikes for the 5 faves game. I love seeing what others love about their week. Ok so my 5 faves -

Number One - Playing 'Simon Says' on paper with my children, we all 'hide' our work and one person gives the instructions, then at the end we all check out each others creations. Loads of fun.

Number Two - Imagination on paper.

Number Three - Hmmmm, mandarines.

Number Four - Total cost of ingredients $6.12. All I need to add is fresh chives and parsley and we have pumpkin soup for 3 nights. (Pumpkin = 0.70c per kilo - what a total bargain!!)

Number Five - I heart tupperware.

Pop over to Pips to check out others and add your own five faves. Would love to see them.

Weekend Wonderfuls

Saturday lunch after soakingly, rain drenched early soccer whereby we thought the grounds would be closed. It was paradise, the warm sun on our back, fish and chips in front of us and a view you cannot beat.

Saturday, late afternoon working on my cowl/scarf wrap, slowly getting there.

Saturday night sweets, my Mums cheesecake recipe. Soooo full of all the naughties, but soooo full of delish-yum. Thanks Mum, it tastes just as good as I remember too.

It's complete!! Minnie's throw rug, he just loves it, and I love that he loves it.
Another project done and keeping my baby warm.

What did you get to finish, cook, enjoy this weekend?

Friday, May 28, 2010

Let your fingers do the walking. . . .

Click on me and check it out - I want one - for me. Yes, I certainly do. Thanks so much Kirsty for sharing your awesome talent. Love it.

Playdoh Therapy

The ingredients.

The requested colours.

The imagination.

The creations.

The time with my children.
The feeling of kneading and manipulating the 'doh, so relaxing.

The youngest, still going strong.
The floor to clean in about 2 mins from now, but well
worth the joy of a lazy afternoon at home.

What did you do with your little ones today?

Feel Good Friday

My week is complete, my week is a success, my week has been study free (yes, naughty me), my week has been a tad hairy, my week has been a little sleep deprived, my week has been full of many things that I certainly didn't expect it to hold, but today, my week panned out, my Friday has been rather a tad rewarding in more ways than one.

Not to bore you with too many details, but I received some absolutely wonderfully, heart sort of goes 'oh thankgoodness' and the eyes well up with tears while in the checkout line with my trolley of groceries yesterday morning, sort of news.

Then yesterday afternoon in particular was a little ugg for me. I had an adult bare-faced lie to me, yes, straight to my face telling me a total hairy, big fat lier, lier, pants on fire, kind of lie. They knew it, I knew it, they knew that I knew it and I knew that they knew I knew that they knew it. Yet, they continued to set their pants on fire with it !! I am still in shock that this happened, anyways, Karma, lead the way I says, and am going to leave it at that!! Phew!!

Now onto my Friday. Drop my little ones to school, rainy on, rainy off, patch of blue, in and out of puddles sort of day, I headed off to the op-shops in search for crochet/knitting patterns, yarns of any colour/kind - phooey, no such luck anywhere at all today, so wandered through the racks, not really looking, picking up a canister here, a top there. Wander, wander ho-hum. . . . oh look what I can see. (refer photo above) I come home with a pair of Billabong cords - perfect fit. $3.00, Target green jumper - perfect fit. $3.00, and Rockmans blouse - perfect fit. $3.00 - the ribbbon bows on the sleeves sold it to me. What a total bargain for $9.00 all up, woo hoo, lucky me. (Oh the crochet throw under the clothing I made 6 years ago now. My Grandma taught me this pattern)

oh but wait, there is more, I then met up with 2 of the most wonderful women in my life for a hot choccie, and we had a lovely time together. Nothing else exists when you spend special moments with those that rock your world. Those special souls that are connected to you in some small way, that totally make you smile wider, that make your day less rushed, that make the silliest things 'go away'. I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life, the true treasures of my everyday.

Housework? oh what housework?? phooey to housework, I say. Spit spot Mary Poppins, on your way. Housework another day I say. Time with loved ones can NEVER be recounted, take the moment NOW, you never know when the wind will blow.

Feed Good Friday to you All.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Crochet Poppy - Take One

Here it is, my crochet poppy. I quite like it, despite that it didn't quite turn out how I had planned. A poppy normally has three smaller petals inside then three larger petals around the outside. I am not the best at crochet, so just fiddled around and come up with this poppy. It curves inward which is just what I wanted it to do. I am going to put a brooch backing on this.

I will give it another go, using less dc in the black, this may make the red petals easier to work out.

Actually the more I look at my little poppy, the more I really do like it and am happy it. Hello my little poppy brooch, welcome to my place.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Housework completed, it's time to play.

A place mat for the tea set.

Experimental flower rings.

Which converts to a bag for Leonardo, and as I type this, it's now around his neck as a 'shield'.

Another flower ring, this time I used the magic circle method for a smaller middle. Very happy with this completed ring, how cute a brooch backing would look on this as well as a whole strand to adorn my neck. Great ideas for gifts and fete items.

Silver double flower ring is from Jive Jewellery Noosa Heads - go check them out, you will like what you see, I know you certainly will.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pinecone Prettiness

23 May 2010 - Sunday

24 May 2010 - Monday

25 May 2010 - Tuesday

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Moments

I so love my winter garden. My camelia tree is still flowering and there are another lot of buds about to burst through. I am pulling off the spent flowers and thanking her for such a beautiful view from my window. I have 2 colours on this tree, the bottom half of the tree is the original pale pink camellia and this year, the top of the tree has the most beautiful darker pink flower.

I have 2 of these geraniums in pots. I was ever so tempted to snip this flower to put in a vase on my table with my new placemats, except I decided to leave it another day. Far too pretty to cut just yet and it will live longer on here. I am learning to care for these so much better, I think I was giving them too much water. After experimenting, I have found they do much better if left to dry out a bit. Gosh they are so pretty.

I needed a walk in my garden today, it's not windy, and even though it's quite cold today, I am enjoying the crisp air on my face, and the colours of the garden seem to have come alive against the grey sky. My garden smoothes out my frown, relaxes my shoulders and I just know trivial things will soon be a matter of the past.

Yes, you guessed it. Rocky Road again. My choccie fix is currently in the fridge setting.
This time made with mini mallows and gummie bears.

I know, this week was due to be a study week, however, I have been on the phone quite a bit this morning, sorting out soccer 'stuff', so have decided to leave the study books til, well, tomorrow/next week!! I know, I am a bad girl.
This lovely soft wool that I purchased yesterday the 40% off sale wool that is, is now being knitted up. I am attempting to make a neck warmer thing, but not a scarf, you shall see soon. I am really quite cold in the back of the neck at the moment and so I have started this. The band recommends I used 3.25mm needles, which I started using when I cast on last night, however, I have undone that and now using 5mm needles because that is the 'look' I want from this needle. So far, happy with result, but will keep knitting, besides, it keeps my fingers warm too.

I hope you find some lovely moments for your Monday too.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Weekend Lovin'

Saturday morning soccer - my two little soccer champions ready to score some goals and play with their little friends.
I love how they love soccer.

Saturday night soccer - watching the big boys play and cheering on our team. I spent most of the time helping in canteen, but managed to sneak out for a bit to cheer along with my boys. It was a lovely night, we caught up with some friends there later on and their kids too.
I love hanging out with my boys.

Hmmmm, Sunday morning breakkie, oh how delish. My little one, digging into his pancakes, oh and yes, this is the plate/bowl he insisted on using. (Don't you just love those placemats!! lol - I made them myself *giggle*).
I love our lazy family breakkie.

A game of dominoes on the play rug. My little Minnie just lives in these chenille pants. He used to wear them when he was 3, and he still wears them now, although they are more like long shorts than pants. They have gotten quite thin now, but that doesn't stop him.
I love comfy pants and dominoes.

Ok, ok, yes, more yarn, but it's not my fault (again!!) you see I needed to get some yeast and semolina and garlic, cause I wanted to make a foccacia bread and, I asked if anyone wanted to come to the shops with me, they didn't, so I thought that if I was shopping alone, then it would be ok, to check out spotlight and see what knitting books they had, cause I am looking for a pattern for a cardigan/vest sort of thing, they didn't have what I was looking for, but, I found these lovely colours (above) and the yarn below was on SALE and not just a little bit on sale, it was 40% off - on sale type sale, and it's soooo soft, and my neck is soooo cold and I have no hair at the moment, and I have an idea to knit a thing that will keep me warm and 40% off, now come on girls, you just can't argue with a good sale.
I love snuggly yarn.
I love snuggly yarn on SALE!!

Here is my spot in the loungeroom - yes - my territory has been marked.
Two of my current projects, I have 15 of those oatmeal coloured squares, and today, my little Minnie was snuggled in the chair with me asking if I was doing chain. Oh joy!! Maybe I will have little fingers to teach crochet to after all. He remembered the chains, and I love how he says 'trevles' for trebles lol too beautiful.
I love this photo, it reminds me that I am one lucky girl, I have children to create for, I have hands to create, I have a home to decorate, I have money to purchase the yarn.
I love my home and those that dwell within.


I need to firstly HUGELY apologise to those that commented on my blog and I so rudely ignored you. Gosh, when I signed into my blog tonight I saw 11 moderator comments come up, 'hmmmm, what does that mean.' Me says squishing my eyebrows together a tad confused. I click on the green line and see all these comments that I need to give permission to publish ?? huh?? I thought I had set all comments to just appear as they are typed !! So I read through them and feeling a flush of 'yikes' creeping up my neck, warming my cheeks and steaming my squished eyebrows in shame. Der Joyce, why haven't I seen that before??

Please, please, please forgive a not so bright Joyce for not seeing this before. I don't know why only some comments come up like this when I have asked that all comments just be made to appear. I am aware of it now, and will continue to check my page for comments and open them up.

What a silly Joyce!!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Funky Placemats - How To

Step 1. Gather fabrics and chocolate. Munch while you measure your desired placemat size and cut your fabric to size.

Step 2. Sew your strips of fabric together to form placemat top and iron flat.

Step 3. Lay fabric right side up, over your vilene, with iron sticky dots to wrong side of fabric, cut to size. (the thin iron on wadding mainly used for applique and quilting - not quite sure of Aussie spelling) This is optional, I have glass top table and like the extra thickness. Another idea is to use old tea towels for wadding, just make sure patterns are turned to underside so they don't show through.

Step 4. Iron vilene to placemat top making sure you have ironed all corners and vilene is secure.

Step 5. Pin the placemat top and placemat base right sides together ready for sewing.

Step 6. Sew all the way around save for about 15cms. I don't have an overlocker, so to ensure edges don't fray over time, I did a zig zag around the outside.

Step 7. Turn placemat to right side and iron seams flat.

Step 8. Yes, I am a leftie, sorry about that. Next just neatly invisible stitch the opening closed. Iron again.
Step 9. Wa-La, set the table.

What a lovely feature too.

I love these placemats, they are too easy, look very funky (well I think so anyways - lol), AND oh my gosh, I am using some of my stash, and getting some projects done that I truly never thought would see the light of day again.

I was going to edge these in brown bias/fabric, however didn't have enough of either in just the right colour, and didn't want to get any, but am super happy with how they have turned out. I was also thinking of doing a brown running stitch in DMC thread, however, no, I am so happy with how they are just now. Lovely and simple, easy to wash and serves a purpose.

If you want to know, I just used 4 x fat quarters to make these placemats. I have just the tiniest strip of each colour left over, and am thinking a covered tea light candle holder would just be perfect.

I would love to know if you make a set of placemats and what you thought, please also leave a comment/link so I can check out your creations. I love to see what others are making too.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

This is what I was making and it's finished. A little birthday present for a little girl. I am so happy with the scarf and hair ties. I was going to put the flowers on the scarf ends, however, it makes the scarf a bit heavy for a little neck. They have been turned into hair elastics instead.

This is what happens in a non-study week. I get to make stuff.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Home Made Wintery Yum

Home made Pumpkin Soup and Damper.

This is a winner at our place, wow, not an argument, not a spill, not a whine, not a screwed up nose, not a dropped spoon, not a skerrick remained. Told you it was a winner at our place tonight. Oh and no, I haven't starved my family all week in readiness either.

ok so here is what I used, and I can share this with you, cause it's just what I made.
1 large butternut pumpkin
1 large 'gold' sweet potato
2 large 'lady christle' potatoes
2 large carrots
1 large zucchini
1 whole garlic
Tbsp chopped chives
sprinkle of curry powder
approx 1 1/2 cups water

Large saucepan, all ingredients skinned and chopped into approx 3cms pieces. Cook until the lot is a squishy, mushy, soggy and well, you know, soft. Off heat to cool before putting in batches into food processor. Store in glass container in fridge.

To serve, take out small portion, mix with milk (or cream) to consistency required (some like it thick, some like it thin), heat on stovetop, stirring constantly so not to burn, or individual portions in microwave and serve sprinkled with chives. Serve with damper, garlic bread etc etc.

You can also add ginger and fresh parsley however, I didn't have these today.

Can't share damper recipe, however, just google.

What's for dinner at your place tonight?