Thursday, May 20, 2010

This is what I was making and it's finished. A little birthday present for a little girl. I am so happy with the scarf and hair ties. I was going to put the flowers on the scarf ends, however, it makes the scarf a bit heavy for a little neck. They have been turned into hair elastics instead.

This is what happens in a non-study week. I get to make stuff.


Anonymous said...

And the little girl just adores them. She has slept with her hair ties in for 2 nights now.

Lollybags said...

You keep inspiring me. First soup and now scarves. I am crocheting a scarf for my boy very similar to this one but in blues and greens. You have to stop doing this to me, I already have to many projects on the go ;)

'Joyce' said...

*giggle* ohhhh, I love it, I love it. Please make sure you share what you make. This is way too easy this scarf. you just do a row of your colour, then leave long tails which form part of the 'tassle' edging, then when done you fill in the gaps with same length yarn in the various colours. I want to make a few more of these.