Friday, May 21, 2010

Funky Placemats - How To

Step 1. Gather fabrics and chocolate. Munch while you measure your desired placemat size and cut your fabric to size.

Step 2. Sew your strips of fabric together to form placemat top and iron flat.

Step 3. Lay fabric right side up, over your vilene, with iron sticky dots to wrong side of fabric, cut to size. (the thin iron on wadding mainly used for applique and quilting - not quite sure of Aussie spelling) This is optional, I have glass top table and like the extra thickness. Another idea is to use old tea towels for wadding, just make sure patterns are turned to underside so they don't show through.

Step 4. Iron vilene to placemat top making sure you have ironed all corners and vilene is secure.

Step 5. Pin the placemat top and placemat base right sides together ready for sewing.

Step 6. Sew all the way around save for about 15cms. I don't have an overlocker, so to ensure edges don't fray over time, I did a zig zag around the outside.

Step 7. Turn placemat to right side and iron seams flat.

Step 8. Yes, I am a leftie, sorry about that. Next just neatly invisible stitch the opening closed. Iron again.
Step 9. Wa-La, set the table.

What a lovely feature too.

I love these placemats, they are too easy, look very funky (well I think so anyways - lol), AND oh my gosh, I am using some of my stash, and getting some projects done that I truly never thought would see the light of day again.

I was going to edge these in brown bias/fabric, however didn't have enough of either in just the right colour, and didn't want to get any, but am super happy with how they have turned out. I was also thinking of doing a brown running stitch in DMC thread, however, no, I am so happy with how they are just now. Lovely and simple, easy to wash and serves a purpose.

If you want to know, I just used 4 x fat quarters to make these placemats. I have just the tiniest strip of each colour left over, and am thinking a covered tea light candle holder would just be perfect.

I would love to know if you make a set of placemats and what you thought, please also leave a comment/link so I can check out your creations. I love to see what others are making too.


Pip Lincolne said...

Oh they are so cute! Maybe you could make matching napkin rings with the leftovers?! Anyhoo, they look fancy and you must be chuffed! Ace!

Alysha Esdaile said...

Very faboo! I have a sewing machine but have no idea how to use it. I am quite envious of your placemats! :)

'Joyce' said...

Hi Pip, just loving checking out the 'I made' comments on your blog, such cool stuff. I like the napkin ring idea, and because pieces are so small, I am going to get matching lime/brown fabric and use the leftovers for motifs. Thanks so much for the idea.
Hi Alysha, oh I have just visited your lovely blog. lol. As for your sewing machine, oh it's so easy, the placemats are all straight stitch. you can even just have a front and back and not the stripes like I have.

Carina said...

They look really great! Lurrve the green fabric! :-)