Friday, May 28, 2010

Feel Good Friday

My week is complete, my week is a success, my week has been study free (yes, naughty me), my week has been a tad hairy, my week has been a little sleep deprived, my week has been full of many things that I certainly didn't expect it to hold, but today, my week panned out, my Friday has been rather a tad rewarding in more ways than one.

Not to bore you with too many details, but I received some absolutely wonderfully, heart sort of goes 'oh thankgoodness' and the eyes well up with tears while in the checkout line with my trolley of groceries yesterday morning, sort of news.

Then yesterday afternoon in particular was a little ugg for me. I had an adult bare-faced lie to me, yes, straight to my face telling me a total hairy, big fat lier, lier, pants on fire, kind of lie. They knew it, I knew it, they knew that I knew it and I knew that they knew I knew that they knew it. Yet, they continued to set their pants on fire with it !! I am still in shock that this happened, anyways, Karma, lead the way I says, and am going to leave it at that!! Phew!!

Now onto my Friday. Drop my little ones to school, rainy on, rainy off, patch of blue, in and out of puddles sort of day, I headed off to the op-shops in search for crochet/knitting patterns, yarns of any colour/kind - phooey, no such luck anywhere at all today, so wandered through the racks, not really looking, picking up a canister here, a top there. Wander, wander ho-hum. . . . oh look what I can see. (refer photo above) I come home with a pair of Billabong cords - perfect fit. $3.00, Target green jumper - perfect fit. $3.00, and Rockmans blouse - perfect fit. $3.00 - the ribbbon bows on the sleeves sold it to me. What a total bargain for $9.00 all up, woo hoo, lucky me. (Oh the crochet throw under the clothing I made 6 years ago now. My Grandma taught me this pattern)

oh but wait, there is more, I then met up with 2 of the most wonderful women in my life for a hot choccie, and we had a lovely time together. Nothing else exists when you spend special moments with those that rock your world. Those special souls that are connected to you in some small way, that totally make you smile wider, that make your day less rushed, that make the silliest things 'go away'. I am so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life, the true treasures of my everyday.

Housework? oh what housework?? phooey to housework, I say. Spit spot Mary Poppins, on your way. Housework another day I say. Time with loved ones can NEVER be recounted, take the moment NOW, you never know when the wind will blow.

Feed Good Friday to you All.

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