Sunday, May 23, 2010


I need to firstly HUGELY apologise to those that commented on my blog and I so rudely ignored you. Gosh, when I signed into my blog tonight I saw 11 moderator comments come up, 'hmmmm, what does that mean.' Me says squishing my eyebrows together a tad confused. I click on the green line and see all these comments that I need to give permission to publish ?? huh?? I thought I had set all comments to just appear as they are typed !! So I read through them and feeling a flush of 'yikes' creeping up my neck, warming my cheeks and steaming my squished eyebrows in shame. Der Joyce, why haven't I seen that before??

Please, please, please forgive a not so bright Joyce for not seeing this before. I don't know why only some comments come up like this when I have asked that all comments just be made to appear. I am aware of it now, and will continue to check my page for comments and open them up.

What a silly Joyce!!

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