Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend Wonderfuls

Saturday lunch after soakingly, rain drenched early soccer whereby we thought the grounds would be closed. It was paradise, the warm sun on our back, fish and chips in front of us and a view you cannot beat.

Saturday, late afternoon working on my cowl/scarf wrap, slowly getting there.

Saturday night sweets, my Mums cheesecake recipe. Soooo full of all the naughties, but soooo full of delish-yum. Thanks Mum, it tastes just as good as I remember too.

It's complete!! Minnie's throw rug, he just loves it, and I love that he loves it.
Another project done and keeping my baby warm.

What did you get to finish, cook, enjoy this weekend?


Lulu said...

its beautiful

'Joyce' said...

Thanks so much Lulu.