Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Festival of Scarves.

Finally I have some crochet to share.  

Ten scarves are going to our local Cancer ward.
Four scarves are going to Red Gingham: Gift Of Love Appeal in New Zealand.
Thank you Sarah for your passion and kindness to set up this wonderful giving opportunity.

I would like to thank my neighbour who so generously donated some of the yarn you see in the scarves above, also wool come from my Mum, which come from my Grandma and I have more still to use.  

I think I am up to about 30 scarves now, and you would think there would be a decent sized dint in the stash of yarns, however, I am far from the end of it at all, which means, I will be making more scarves right through winter which is fine by me.  I need something to take to swimming lessons, waiting in the car, passenger in the car, while veges are cooking, and for that 30mins break between closing the study books at night and heading to bed.  I have learnt the hard way that all work and no play makes Joyce rather very dull indeed, and headachy the next day too.  So a nice little bit of hooky in front of tv before sleep is a lovely way to ensure a spot of down time and equals money in the bank as far as sleeping through most of the night.  

Here are some close ups of the most awesome scarf I think I have ever made.  Totally inspired by my crazy Min, who wanted a 'crazy rainbow scarf, with all colours everywhere and black between all the rows.'  If only I could share those wonderful hand gestures he used to express just how 'crazy' he wanted his scarf to be.  
 This scarf totally makes me smile, can you see how one side has the colours popping out of the scarf on the right and the left side shows the black as the dominant colour.  The next photo probably shows this better.  It wasn't planned to be this way, it's just how it turned out, because you 'turn' for each row, so you have a front side and a back side, which you keep swapping each row.  Hmmmmm, yeah, stop trying to explain it Joyce, you sound funny.  

Its totally wonderful, I just love this scarf, and I want one for me.  I had a very small amount left of his rainbow yarn that I used to make his blanket shown here that he wanted me to use, which I did.  I just left the knot ends out to add to the texture of this wonderful creation that my Min loves so much.  

I managed to make two of these scarves, this one is going to New Zealand, and I have enough of the solid colours and the black to make at least 3 more, which I will do.  The solid colours are left overs from our rainbow blanket and the black I have had 'forever'.  Hmmm, a huge snuggly camping blanket would just look mega-awesome from this pattern also. . . . oh the possibilities for all those ends of yarns have now just WAY extended beyond the granny square, that's for sure!

I wonder how a selection of pink, green, orange, yellow and black would go.  You know, just like a licorice allsort.  Hmmmm, I do like that idea, I most certainly do. . . . . . 

Have you made any crochet discoveries lately?

 Thanks so much for stopping by my place today, and have a wonderful Sunday at your place.


angelina said...

beauty joyce! makes me smile too> . and yes! i have made crochet discoveries , thanks for asking! ive just been dying to tell somebody,,,,and my man's ears seem to go 'off' when i start talking craft!! xx

Jacey said...

What a fun scarf, I love the colours you have used. I think a liqorice allsorts scarf is a wonderful idea. xxx

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Wow that is one racey scarf!! Thank you so much for making some for Christchurch, you are such a love! I can't see the top photo for some reason but I'm very excited about receiving your gifts. Thank you so very much dearest Joyce xxx

TK said...

did you know Joyce that I am a scarf addict!!! Have worn them any time of the year since I was 13 and that is many moons ago!!! Love them!! So pleased you have donated to Sarah-Red Gingham's appeal - I sent some dishcloths, not my own work but I spied them and thought yes they belonged in NZ!!! Have a lovely week sweetie, TK xx

'Joyce' said...

Hullo, thanks for stopping by. Oh Angelina, tell me more . . . . . I am here. lol. I know, sometimes our boys just dont get our excitement about our hooky love.
Thanks Jacey, I can't wait to get a start on my hooky scarf, I have so many ideas right now, ohhhhhhhh it's wonderful.
Sarah, I am not sure why my Picasa doesn't want to play this week, but I have posted them again singly, and they seem to be working ok.
Tiffany, ohhhhhhh I love scarves too. It's so wonderful of Sarah to open up this network that we can send some love to our friends in Christchurch. It's going to take many years to rebuild emotionally and physically, it's the least we can do to help out, especially when they all come to Australia's aid only a month or so before. The crafting community is a very special community to belong to. I feel very honoured to know such wonderful people in my life.