Friday, April 1, 2011

b r e a t h e

It's a good idea to begin at the bottom in everything, except in learning to swim.
- unknown -

No stories, no adventures.

Thank you for stopping by my place today.  

Have a wonderful weekend at your place.


ana @ i made it so said...

the image isn't coming up for me, but i'll check it again later :)

have a good weekend, and as always, thanks for the reminder to breathe ;) ahhh

Penelope said...

Always relaxing to see your breathe posts, thanks Joyce. Happy weekend too xox

Mrs Twins said...

Your son has done very well Joyce! Excellent idea!
Just to say watch out for the Royal Wedding Blanket I'm showing over the weekend I'm using one of your squares red and blue one. I've made a white flower for the top if thats okay with you. Wanted the Flag colours. This blanket is a special one for a competition. Winners announced 29th April.
Your square is the third row down,
third row in from the left.
I'll be posting over the weekend,
Hugs suex

'Joyce' said...

Hullo, Thanks for your lovely comments, Ana, I hope the image works for you now. Must have had a bit of a 'hiccup' there. Thanks for letting me know. Thanks Penelope, I am so glad you enjoy them. I try to contain myself from chatter on a Friday. lol. It's hard work for me, but I think I am doing ok so far. lol. Mrs Twins, oh my goodness, how exciting. Of course you may add a white flower to the square, like I have said, my crochet is very basic, so anything to brighten it up is wonderful. Thank you for putting my little Aussie square in such a special blanket. Well they are all rather special, but gosh, this one is a bit of a 'wow' blanket for sure. I am feeling a little *blush* and very excited. How spesh, are all those little bits of yarn from my loungeroom all the way to your place and who knows where from there. I will keep an eye out for it, and might link you up on a post I do here for a 'shout out' if I get time during the week. Thanks again and I will keep a look out for the competition info. xx