Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The one about the sac dress, a little party, and hooky progress.

Joyce is in da house!

I have just had a weekend of home alone. Yep, my three boys went away for the weekend in the caravan. The school each year has a Mother/Daughter camp and a Father/Son camp. Held different weekends, its just a casual weekend, you book a cabin, take your tent, camper/caravan and hang out for the weekend.

Because I don't have a daughter, well it was just me at home, and I loved it. I played music, I cleaned, I sorted through things, I sewed, I hooked, I cooked. I did start to get a bit 'boy sick' Sunday mid-morning tho and was pining for them to return home.

They had a wonderful time, and I love that the three of them spent that time together. Hubbie works hard and most nights the boys are in bed when he gets home. As the boys get older, they love that time with their Dad, they need that time with him as much as he needs that time with them.

So here are some of the things 'Joyce did'.

#1 sac dress. It's ok you can laugh, cause I certainly did.
It was huge, it was bigger than huge, it was mammoth - but I adjusted it as best as I could and the above is the finished result. It's lovely and comfy, and will be perfecto over my bikini this summer.

#2 sac dress. Yep, I went back for seconds. Still a little boatie-floatie, but comfy all the same. These fabrics were from spotlight from the quilting department. 100% cotton and so soft and summery. They have actually grown on me and I do quite like them now, however, they will just be caravany-beachy type clothing. With our school break up for the year just around the corner, and long long days of the beach, they are certainly going to get a work out between mid December to the first week of February. Not sure you can see my 'belt' but it's my crochet bead strand from Here. I do love an item that has many talents.

A little stitchery experimentation that didn't quite work like I imagined. I envisioned a dreamy, floaty, summer scarf, but it hasn't come together quite right.
If these motifs look familiar, then yes, you are correct. They are op-shop goodies from Here. Oh well, back to the plans for this lot, I have a few more options of use available that I will play with later on.

Party preps for my now turned 8 years of age darling boy. They got home late Sunday and we had a little celebration that night. The bunting I cut from scrapping papers in my stash and dotted little sequins on them randomly for a little sparkle.

Cup cakes to take to school for his class. Iced in his fave colours of orange and blue.

The Cake!
Oh gosh, how fast those 8 years have gone by, and as he blew out his candles, I made myself a little wish that the next 8 years don't speed by me quite so quickly. I know, I know, it's the birthday person that makes the wish, but I did so all the same as I watched that little face blow out his candles. I also know that you are not supposed to reveal the wish either. *sigh* Silly Joyce!

It's a rainbow crochet-fall, not a water-fall. This is what has been spilling from my lap of an evening as I do my edging. It's lovely, it's more than lovely, it's totally dreamy, it's real and touchable now. Something that has been inside my head, is now cascading down my comfy lounge spilling onto the floor in all it's lush, rainbow-y real-ness.

I hope you had a lovely weekend at your place.
I am coming to visit you all and see what you have been making lately too.
Thanks so much for stopping by.


Sarah said...

Your rainbow blanket is so nearly finished - how jolly exciting!! Love the 8 cake, very delish. I do hope he had a lovely birthday.

I do like your new dresses. They don't look baggy to me and I like your ties. Your new scarf would look really nice as a winter garland? Look like pretty snowflakes to me.

TK said...

I love your dresses....they are about how I would wear them...particularly today as we sit on 37.5C!!!!!!

Penelope said...

Hi Joyce, nice to have you back, I love the fabric of the 2nd dress and they look lovely with your crochet beaded strand. When Alice turned 10 I had a little internal pang and sadness about the time slipping away, each and every day I celebrate her beauty.
Looks like you had a lovely time on your own and your blanky is coming on so beautifully, looking forward to the final reveal. Enjoy all that sunshine ! xox P

Clara said...

Fantastic work, all of it, oh and I guess I should not call it work....fun!