Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Creative Space

Step 1. A little collection of beads, crochet hook, and crochet cotton.

Step 2. Thread all beads onto crochet cotton in preferred pattern.

Step 3. Crochet your cotton, hooking in the beads as you go.

Step 4. Adorn neck with beautiful strand.

All inspiration from a very talented and dear friend, who made the above strand for me as a birthday gift last year. Yes, it's taken me almost a whole year to make one myself. Shame, shame, shame!

I am going to call my strand 'beached'.

It's the colours I see at the beach, the sky, the dunes, the ocean, the sparkle of the water as the sun dances over the little crests and curves of the waves, the green and the blue of the deep, the orange and brown of the dunes where shadow and sun play.

We have had a few warm days here lately, hooking my blanket has just been quite warm and my eczema has even started to annoy my skin. Not to be beaten by the weather or my skin, I dug this lovely green from my collection, which I have intentions of hooking a lacy summer scarf/wrap, and made my strand.

The beautiful strand that I was gifted by my dear friend is so precious to me, it's like she is here with me every time I wear it. It's one very long strand unjoined, and I can wear it about a thousand ways, I have even worn it as a belt. Yes, it's rather mega-versatile.

I have a few requests to make some in other colours, however, I am going to give this one a good work out over the next few weeks to make sure it's secure and wears well. I think I need my chain stitches to be a little tighter.

If you would like to see some very talented creative spaces, pop on over to kootoyoo.


Fiona said...

Lovely necklaces! I've tried making crochet jewellery unsuccessfully with thin wire, but this looks much more manageable.

angelina said...

joyce i love it. well done xoxo

Clara said...

Very nice indeed!

Gillian said...

wow, what a beautiful project :)

AlyshaJane said...

Wow, your necklace is beautiful, Joyce! The colours and the shapes of the beads are just perfect. Very beachy and just all out lovely!

Crochet with Raymond said...

It looks so lovely with your white blouse Joyce! Just gorgeous!

Mrs Twins said...

Yes I agree the necklace is simply gorgeous.
You can adapt to suit. Really lovely.
Yes thanks very much Joyce, I loved the card and the squares!
look so pretty there dont they?
I agree about the postage too.
Love to you and thanks !!!

Penelope said...

What a brilliant and simple but so effective idea. Another inspiration for christmas pressies! xox

Mandy said...

oh that is really clever! Well done! I really don't need more ideas but hmmm... my mind will be thinking about this one. Great job!

'Joyce' said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comments. I am wearing them again today, and they are just so comfortable and light. There is no clasp digging into my neck, and I love the dangle of these beads. I wouldn't use big beads, I think that would kill the whole 'delicacy' of it. I had so many comments today and have an order requested. I am a little nervous, making something for someone else is a personal thing.
Fiona, wow, I can't do wire at all. This is a cinch with cotton.
Penelope, am thinking teacher gifts myself.
Mandy, lol, yes, I know the list of things to make just keeps growing. lol. If you do make a strand, I would so love to see, please let me know so I can admire yours as well.

Baa-Me Kniits said...

Very nice necklace!! :-)

Gillian said...

Hi Joyce :)

I've just blogged about a necklace I made using your instructions, Thank you so much for sharing this lovely project and for the inspiration I had a lovely time making my necklace :)

sylviesgarden said...

Wow, what a pretty necklace! The beads are gorgeous! I think I shall have to have a go myself. Thanks for the inspiration.

creativejewishmom/Sara said...

Hi Joyce, thanks so much for the wonderfully simple explanation of how to make a crocheted necklace. I've just introduced my 8 year old daughter to a crochet hook, and I bet she could do this too! I'd love it if you stopped by my international blog linking party, Sun-Tues, all the best!

Ken'n'Al said...

Awww shucks Joycie!
I love your beachy necklace, it looks fantastic! And don't tighten up your stitches, I actually think mine are too tight. I did a browns and oranges one for a friend and managed to make myself keep the stitches looser and it gives it a lacier feel. See you soon gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous! will have to go to the shops and grab some beads :D

LiaGovers said...

Wow, wonderful, this complete explanation! Thank you very much. Having seen it, I will give it a try too!