Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What's On Your Table - Tuesday.

Little white motifs - $1.00 for the bag.
Big plans for these little cuties, but you will have to wait and see.

Incomplete Jumper $3.00

Incomplete vest $3.00
I don't feel bad unravelling these at all, it's the jumpers still on hangers in winter that I cannot bring myself to purchase and then unravel to use. I will wait for the heat of summer to purchase any winter 'unravel' stock. I think that is fair.
All this above was the same op-shop.

Across the top, 3 x tablecloths at $2.00 each - so love the pure white cloth, so many options for this one. The green floral is a huge round cloth, first thoughts were for a 'tabletop' for our picnic rug, but now thinking sundress for the Mumma.
Under that I have 6 x pillowcases at 0.50c each. Love these fabrics. The lovely bright orange is a little placemat and has a pretty floral pattern around the border. It was also 0.50c. It will go beautifully on our brown coffee table with little candles.
This is all st. vinnies op shop goodness.

2 x pattern books $1.00 each.
All this yarn here was priced differently and with other batches. I chose the skeins for $4.00 and the fellow at the counter could see that I liked these other bits so he told me I could have all of it for $4.00. I thanked him but told him I would give him $8.00 for it. He was chuffed and so was I. This was from the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Op-Shop, they need the money, especially in rural areas where transport to major hospitals is such a huge distance.

So this is what is on my table this Tuesday. There was one other purchase, however, I don't quite have time to share this one just yet. I could not believe I found it to be honest, I think I am still in a little shock. So I will leave you now my friends, as I have lots of washing and unravelling to be done.

I hope you are having a lovely day.
Tell me, what is on your table this Tuesday?


angelina said...

oh my goodness ilOVE thrifting. dollar for the bag !!! ive got presents wrapped on my table...waiting for tomorrow! yahoO!!xxxx

AlyshaJane said...

Wow, what a marvelous collection of treasures! I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with it all and am *so* curious what the other item was that you found.

Will be doing my 'What's on your Table' later tonight. :)

'Joyce' said...

Hi Angelina and Alysha, oh I had an amazing morning, I think I still have the grin on my face from my finds. lol. Oh how wonderful re your presents ready to be gifted. I love giving presents. Did you make them? Alysha, will be checking back to see what was on your table this Tuesday. lol, can't wait to see. lol, re my 'special' purchase, oh wow, I am still gobsmacked that I got it. All will be revealed soon. You will crack up laughing, it's really, really and I mean really daggy. lol.

Crochet with Raymond said...

wow, what a stash of bargains!
Do you find, that some days you can go to lots of op shops and find nothing but crap, and other days you find so so much, you just can't believe it!
Love all your buys, can't wait to see what you make!
The other day Joyce, from 3 different op shops, i found a food processor for $18, a new bodum coffee plunger for $8, two indian cushion covers for $4 each, then at the last op shop, cushions that fit the covers, for $2 each. It was a truly great day.
Don't leave us in suspense too long about the mystery purchase please!

Posy Linda said...

Wow Joyce, you really scored big time on these goodies.

'Joyce' said...

lol Hi Alice and Posy Linda, I know, I just could not believe my luck with my goodies yesterday. Oh as for the indian cushion covers total bargain there. As for the 'big one' lol. I promise, I will post soon. lol. Oh you are going to laugh, but I am sooooo in love.