Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Postie Joy. . . .

Just you look and see what arrived in the post for me today. This darling little package from Rosie at notions. Thank you Rosie, oh my gosh, you know how to make a girl smile.
. . . . these are the little treasures that were inside the little brown bag all tied up with string. My order from Rosies Etsy shop. These little earrings are so pretty, so summery, so me and this darling little brooch is going to go perfectly on my new denim upcycled shoulder bag. (Not the bum part of the bag, that is waiting in the sewing pile to be made into a peg bag. The pretty brooch is for the legs part of the bag that currently carries my study notes and crochet - yes, all at once.) If you like pretty earrings and fabulous brooches, make sure you pop on over and have a look.
The other little bit of postie delivery joy today were our Sunflower seeds for the Junior Landcare Challenge. We have signed ourselves up and we are going to see how big our sunflowers will grow. Wish us luck! Did you join the challenge? If so, let me know, so we can grow sunflowers together. Oh and if you didn't join the Junior Landcare Challenge, that doesn't matter, just plant some sunflower seeds with us anyways, it will be fun to grow them together.

I may not be on over the next few days, it's busy, busy, busy bees for me.
I am going to miss visiting everyone.
Take care of you, take care of the ones you love.
Thanks so much for stopping by.


Polka Dot Daze said...

What a cool little package, how could you bring yourself to open it? It just looks too pretty!
I love those earrings and brooch.

Penelope said...

The earings are ever so sweet and I am sure your bag will look just fab with the brooch. One of my neighbours got her sunflowers in the local newspaper and she is convinced it grew to giant proportions because her son was potty training in the garden then!! xox

Sarah said...

I so wish I could make parcels that looked that good. They look so pretty and simple but it takes a real artistic gene to make it look that good. Love your new brooch too. Oh and we are growing sunflowers on the window sill at the moment. I hope yours do well.

Crochet with Raymond said...

What a lovely parcel to arrive in the post! Yay for lovely handmade accessories, lucky Joyce!