Thursday, July 28, 2011


Hullo cupcakes!

Don't that word just make you wanna smile!!

No stories, no adventures, just a cupcake moment. 

Have a fan-tabulous weekend at your place.
Thanks so much for stopping by my place today.  

P.s. taking a moment is early, but sometimes early is good.
Especially when it's cupcakes.

Go on say it with me, just once more. . . . . cupcakes.  
See, made you smile just now huh!!  
Feels good too huh!!  



TK said...

yes Jocie you made me M has been beging all week for cupcakes & I have been saying 'no I am too busy studying.....' tiem to change that I think!!! Cupcakes here we come - M will be thanking you for always!!! TK xx

Miss Prudence said...


Hey joyce, Limey has her blank inspired by lumar! I just posted it!

Colette said...

oooo those cupcakes look delicious! I've just been catching up with all your happenings (not been around much lately) I love the map with all the stop overs pinned on, what a wonderful way to visualise your trip and hold your memories, I dream that one day we will have a similar adventure in the UK.
Hope you enjoyed your school holidays, we are loving ours right now, but how come they whizz by so quickly?? xx

'Joyce' said...

Oh my gosh, it seems like months since I wrote that last post. Cupcakes do make me smile. lol. Thanks so much for your lovely comments. Miss Prudence, I am on my way. Oh I can't wait to see it. Colette, I look forward to stopping by your place too. I have been missing everyone terribly. Savour all the wonderfulness of your summer holidays. Tiffany, hmmmm too busy, I hear you friend, I certainly hear you. Glad to inspire. Take care of you and yours.