Monday, July 25, 2011

'round and 'round

Another busy week ahead.

So busy.

This week will go fast.

I want to savour it.

I want to enjoy the kids I get to spend my time with.

I want to enjoy my own kids too.

I feel like I am going 'round in circles.

They are happy circles, but I still get dizzy.

Sometimes I like being dizzy.
But just for a little while.

I noticed there are lots of circles in my kitchen tonight.

Lots of circles.

They are round you know!

Yes, circles are round!

You just keep going, and going and going. . . . . . . 


Thanks so much for stopping by my place tonight.  
Are you a little dizzy this week too?

1 comment:

Miss Prudence said...

and round and round the world does go. what goes around comes around. Nice to be around. Just hanging around. See you around. Yep, it is hip to be round!