Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Doctors are not funny!

I hope to be back real soon.  I cannot wait to catch up with you all at your places.  

It's been a busy few weeks with work and then a horrid virus descended upon us and we have been rather ugg and yick, and bleugh.  So many of my friends and their families have had it or are going through it now, it's really not very pleasant.

It seems rather wide spread too.  The tummy bug is apparently rampaging its way through parts of Melbourne.  Then parts of Sydney are hot spots for it, and up here on the Mid North Coast of NSW some classrooms are being halved in a day with kids in the office holding buckets with high temps, only to be fine in 3 hours time, but come crashing down again later that evening or the next day again.  Congested coughs and total body exhaustion and aching and swelling of joints is what I am hearing from the Mums and Dads, and it's not just a week of it either.  Some of the healthiest people I know have had it for 3 weeks.  

I didn't go to the Doctors, I knew what I had and I knew what he was going to tell me, and I really needed to stay away from as many people as possible.  Some of my friends had to go to the Doctors, because they needed certificates for work.  I just reckon they should have coughed on their boss, that would then prove their requirement for time to rest and time away from the airconditioner.

Doctors orders, sleep and rest.  Doctors are so funny aren't they, only problem is there is just no energy for laughing right now.  Sleep and rest they say, right so which of you Doctors is going to collect my kids and take them for the week?  huh?  Can't quite hear you!!  Hmmmm, thought so!

I know I have read that these sorts of viruses enter our bodies when we become run down, when we push and push and push ourselves way past the limit, but things just need to get done around the place, so we ignore the subtle signs and we keep going, that's just what we do.  Then BANG!  The downfall, our body tells us in no uncertain terms - ENOUGH JOYCE - ENOUGH.  So yeah, just let me get these things done will you, then I can rest, oh and after I get that done, the other thing there waiting for my attention. . . . . . .  NO JOYCE, STOP NOW.  This is where the bleugh comes in, it's the tummy bug - you have no other choice but to stop, there is nothing left in your body to keep going, you are out!

While your body is low, along comes the cough and the earache, why not they say, looks like there's a party going on over here, let's join in.  Great!  

The human body is certainly an amazing piece of work.  Bloody annoying at times, but still amazing.  

We are on the up and up here this week, lots of ginger tea, gargling of gross stuff, olive leaf extract, Manuka honey on toast and probably the most important one, early to bed.  What isn't done, will just have to sit tight til tomorrow.

So that is me and mine.  How are you and yours??

Thanks so much for stopping by my place today.  I do look forward to catching up with you all real soon.  


Miss Prudence said...

Sorry to hear yours are out too! I am really glad to be on the up, but it is sllloooowww going....
Here's to good health in spring!

Colette said...

I hope you're feeling better soon, so horrible being sick. Rest, rest, rest. Sending hugs to you x

Penelope said...

Oh poor you, hope you and your loved ones are soon on the mend. I do not like viruses they hang around far too long! Rest well and look forward to seeing you in blogland soon xox

MonetPaisley said...

That sounds like whar we had a while in sunny melbourne. I thought it was several viruses, one.after the other, the whole family was down for nearly 3 months, if it wasnt one of the kids it was me.... Hope you feel.better soon, I know what you mean about pushing it till you just.cant.go.anymore..... Xxx

Stitchin' time said...

We have that virus and it seems to be ongoing, but thankfully all the symptoms haven't hit any of us all at once or I'm sure we'd be hospital cases. Interspersed between this is the days when you feel great soooo.... you think you'll just catch up on the stuff that you haven't been able to do....and pay for it the next few days by being ill again. Lol, I keep reminding myself that Spring isn't far away and maybe the warmer weather will be too much for these germs.
Hope you all feel better soon.

TK said...

oh lovely after my frustrations pre school hols with M being crook,then Mister S & I during school wonder I have been on the blue side ever since!!!....being sick is the is hoping you all continually improve, go gently my friend, be kind to yourself & yours, hugs TK xx

'Joyce' said...

oh hello my friends, be kind and gentle to you too it seems. How are these bugs hanging around so horridly, and what can I do to protect my family from them? There are so many people I know coming down with some, or all of these symptoms. Thank you for your well wishes, and I return them to you and yours for speedy recoveries and no more sick. xx