Friday, June 3, 2011


26th May 2011 journalling.

Here is a link to Cobar Shire Council if you are interested in gaining a more professional insight into this middle of New South Wales town.  

For a view from my eyes, here is what I found of Cobar in the middle of the New South Wales stunning outback.  

The road that leads to Cobar from Broken Hill.  The sky, as always the sky is just so beautiful out here.

One part dryness, one part wetness, the ever changing landscape.  

Golden grasses by the roadside.

Twisted branches, dancing shadows, red underfoot, shimmering blue ceiling above.

Still we travel, still the road stretches before us, still the shadows dance and grow longer as the sun again dips down behind us, still we feel like the only ones to witness this moment, right here and right now.

Hello Cobar.  What another lovely place to visit.  
Lucky me, my little big brother was passing through here on his truck route from Perth to Brisbane and he could only stop for a short time, but long enough for me to feast my eyes on him and give him a big bear hug.  Ooohhhhhhh it was wonderful to see my brother.  The boys loved his big truck too.  Travel safe bro.  xx  

An open cut mine.  T'was huge I tell you, h u g e type huge!  Kinda makes one dizzy looking at it really!

Just look at the bluest of blue, wow, I know, I know, Joyce loves the sky, what can I say, I love the sky.  

Cobar Town Hall Cinema.  There is something magical about an old building, something regal, something secretive, almost like it is grinning at me and saying, 'oh if only you knew the secrets I knew.'
Do old buildings do that to you too?

Back to the caravan park, we spent a rare afternoon relaxing, feasting on cheeses, olives, and wine, chatting with the neighbours, chatting with ourselves, talking about the yesterdays, talking about today, but not talking about the tomorrow.  Just loving our togetherness, loving our caravan, loving our travelling by the seat of our gypsy pantsness.  There is such open space here, the boys wandered off playing, I sat and watched them, running and playing, the sun slowly winking away on another glorious day in paradise.  I wanted to capture this moment, this afternoon of bliss, so I grabbed my camera.  

I am so glad I grabbed my camera.

My two cheeky monkeys were playing a little game together, such imagination they have, and such lovely little mates.  

Running free.

I lay down in the grass to take these shots, laying in the grass is so lovely, the warmth of the day still in the ground but just a hint of cool earth to remind of the recent wet.  

What a stunning view from so close to the earth.  I can almost feel it living and growing beneath me.

Four sun-kissed gypsy shadows.

Thank you Cobar, thank you.  

Thank you once again for travelling with us to Cobar.

Posted by Joyce. xx


Joanne Hill said...

awesome, isn't it fantastic out the back of our wonderful country...You captured it so well and your words describe the land perfectly.....did it make you feel like painting a landscape??? You've gotta love the blue blue skies, we call them "wheelbarrow blue"..thanks so much for sharing it's given me itchy feet

Miss Prudence said...

So wonderful you caught up with your brother! These are wonderful images Joyce and it is so refreshing to hear your account, taking in the environment and the simple things. loving that i feel included on this adventure! xx

'Joyce' said...

Hullo Jo and Miss Prudence, oh it is such a beautiful country, I so fell in love with outback NSW, the land as well as the people. Jo I love your wheelbarrow blue, spot on. It was wonderful to see my brother, I am so glad you enjoyed the journey through my eyes, I so wish I could find the words to better capture the beauty of all we saw. So many times I was sitting in front of my photos, stuck for words to justify the beauty before us.