Friday, June 3, 2011

Broken Hill

Hello, hello to all and welcome home to Pops, Eggy, Minnie and gypsy Joyce.  
We are home, but in our minds, we are still travelling.  
I will be updating my blog journal for the completion of our holiday.  I do not want to let it slide, it's still fresh in my mind, and I so want to 'finish' the journal journey.  
My notes will be taken from my photos, and my car journal, notes that I have scribbled along the way.  As I read back on them, I remember so clearly the wonderful places and the wonderful souls we come across.  
Bless the inventor of the pen and the paper, bless them.  

Journal entry 24.5.11
Wet, cold and wet with cold, we snuggled in bed together this morning as it rained and howled around us, cocooned snugly and deliciously together.  Rain pounding the roof over our heads, it didn't matter a hoot, we were together.

Eventually we braved the weather and visited the Pro Hart Gallery.  Do you remember the pro hart carpet ad?  Oh I loved this ad and my boys got to see it because Jan, who is possibly the Curator, had a dvd and put it on for them.  They loved it.  She told us much about this loving gentle and shy man who called Broken Hill home.  I love his trees, they are everywhere in Broken Hill, yes, I call them Pro Hart trees, because he has captured them perfectly.  

Pro loved cars and motorbikes, here is one he painted.  

Part way through the day, the sky began to clear, so we headed outdoors as quick as we could.
We were getting a little hungry, so headed to Broken Earth for a brilliant view and something yummy for our tummies.  We were not disappointed with the view or the food. 

It was crazy windy up there, and we seemed to be the only crazy brave souls to hang around and take photos.  The boys loved it.  Here is Minnie, investigating a piece of machinery.  I love how he has to inspect every little detail.  

If it isn't dusty in Broken Hill then it's muddy.  This is the experience we had, and I hope this does not put you off visiting this wonderful place.  The people we met here are full of heart and soul, they are the salt of the earth sort of people, and we felt very welcomed here by all we met.  Alot of the streets are named after metals, minerals of the earth.  I thought this was rather cool.  The trees are so pretty here, exactly like a Pro Hart tree, no wonder he loved this place.  

On our way out to the The Living Desert & Sculptures we shared the road with kangaroos.  There are no boundary fences out here, cows, horses, goats, and the occasional donkey live together.

It's so lovely to be outdoors between the rain downpours.  I did not like to wish away the rain too much, it's such a precious element out here, I did not wish to chase it away.  This is a great walk and so relaxing, the view is wonderful.  I cannot get over the colour of the earth out here, so rich in colour more than just red, almost burgundy in places, then big jutting rocks rise up out of the ground all golden and jagged.  The air is sharp and fresh, you can feel your lungs dancing for joy with the freshness.  

Sturt's Desert Pea is the floral Emblem for South Australia.  Apparently I am related to Captain Charles Sturt, on my Dad's side.  Somewhere anyways. . . . . . you know, way back, like way, way, wwwaaaaayyyyyyy back. . . . . . Anyways, this is the first time I had encountered 'Uncle/Cousin Charlies' Pea in the real, and I must say, I was impressed.  What a beauty!  It's a very pretty ground cover and you can read more about it here.

Up to the sculptures.  They are just beautiful and the view from here is awesome even with a cloudy sky that threatens to drop down on us.  This above sculpture is called 'motherhood'.  It's much better in the 'real' than this photo.  I stood here for quite a while in front of this one, we have something in common this mother and I.  You can see her emotions, you can 'feel' her love and protection for her child.    

No stunning sunset photos for us, but oh look at those three cheeky happy holiday faces peeking through.  This was a fun moment, it's usually the little things that become the most precious memories.  We had so much fun here.  

Here is the whole sculpture.  

Darkening skies, we headed back to town and said g'day to a fellow traveller.

Back to Broken Earth Cafe for an evening sky photo.  Here is our sunset, it was magic, and it was only us up here to see it this day.  

Thank you Broken Hill for your heart and soul welcome to four little gypsy travellers.  
We will be back.

Thanks so much for stopping by my place today, and for joining in the little journey of this wonderful country we live in.  

Posted by Joyce.  xx

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