Saturday, June 4, 2011

Dubbo, a surprise and journeys end.

28 and 29 May 2011

Dubbo Zoo

There is lots to do and see in Dubbo, however, we ended up spending our two days visiting the zoo.  We did not go to the Dubbo show that was on that weekend, we did not check out the Gaol, we did not visit the wineries, we did not visit the skate park, we did not go to the Dundullimal Homestead, we did not visit the Observatory, we did not go to Traintasia. 

We spent two days at Dubbo Zoo, we love Dubbo Zoo, it's our favourite zoo.

Here are some of the reasons we love Dubbo Zoo.

Lunch time, part way up this trunk.

Meeting some of the residents, without bars on tiny enclosures.


Far aways.



Time out.

Thirst quenching.


Making friends.

We had a lovely time in Dubbo.
Thanks Dubbo for looking after us.

Here our journey begins to end.

 From Dubbo we head to Newcastle, or so I thought.  Much to my surprise, it was to Sydney that hubbie drove, through Orange, Bathurst, Katoomba then into Sydney. . . . I said I would love to stop by and see my parents, just quickly you know, just for a hug and to see them, then back in the car on the road again, the weather was awful, the roads very slippery and it was windy.  Hubbie said we couldn't do that.

Much to my surprise he pulls into a little caravan park not far from my parents place, it was a total shock, he had called my parents a few nights before to arrange a visit with them.  All unknown to me - oh what joy, what a wonderful way to close our holiday to see my Mum and Dad.  We quickly popped over to see them that night, then spent the whole of Tuesday with them.  It was wonderful.

Tuesday night my little man wasn't well, but early hours of the morning, he got rid of his tummy bug and the colour returned to his little face and I knew he had got rid of it.  

Wednesday to rain and more rain, we packed up our caravan for the last leg of our journey and headed up the highway to home.  

It was then Minnie's turn to be unwell, but he is back to bouncing health once again this afternoon.  

The reality of routine will surely smack us in the face rather very rudely Monday morning, but for now the weekend dangles seductively before us. . . . . mount washing pile has been diminished to a molehill - well it does if you stand far away enough.  The caravan has been washed inside and out along with the car, most of the photos are sorted, the journalling of the pen kind was completed today, along with the sorting of collected business cards and other items of which are in a 'computer' pile ready to be sorted through and notes of things to 'look up' for further information.

Thank you so much for tagging along our little adventure, it has been such a pleasure to share this little bit of Australia with you all.  It has been an amazing time with my family, the memories we have created together will always be our wonderful souvenirs to share and treasure.

Take care of you and yours at your place, and don't forget to get yourself some travelling by the seat of your gypsy pants, pants, you really must get out there.  

Posted by Joyce.


Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Oh what a lovely man you have to surprise you like that. I'm glad you have had so much fun but sad for you that your wonderful holiday is coming to a close. Still you will carry those memories with you forever. Safe trip home.

Miss Prudence said...

Oh yes the dreaded washing pile! What a great trip, and i really enjoyed the updates too. I love holidays but i love coming home even more- well outside the washing pile and the unpacking and the cleaning the car / etc... well it's back to the run of the mill now!