Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pitstop and Heartstrings

It's a pitstop, a pitstop partway through our travelling by the seat of our gypsy-pants journey sort of pitstop.  

There are no photos, and so there will be no travel stories until we get home.  You see we have this 'unlimited' mobile internet thingy, which apparently really is unlimited, however when it reaches a certain number, then the whole operation s l o w s    d o w n . . . . . 

*ahem* and so putting photos up on here takes rather a very long time.  

I have so much to share, so much to record, so much inside my head, but it will have to wait.

While we are waiting, I do just want to share this lovely blog.  Jodie has a shop in Cobar and I found her shop and I went into her shop and I sighed with bliss, and I bought some yarn, after lunch I went back and I bought some more yarn.  Although still unable to knit and crochet, that doesn't mean I can't buy yarn.  Jelly Wares  is the name of her little shop, and is also the name of her blog as I discovered when I popped in the address that was on her business card.  You can also purchase yarn from her shop too.  She sells Noro, Malabrigo and a heap of others, that I cannot remember right now, but go and check her out. . . . . now, . . . . quickly. . . . . you must!

She is also on Ravelry, so please make sure you pop over and check out her lovely creations.

I have also tried visiting alot of my fave blogs, however, the photos are not loading, and so I am unable to see what you are all making, buying, falling in love with until we return home.  (insert sad face here.)

This trip of ours is so much more than I thought it would be.  This time with my family so very special, the time my boys have with their Dad is irreplaceable, and I know they will remember this 6 weeks in years to come and treasure these 40 odd days and nights in our caravan, tripping around this beautiful country we live in.

I have to be honest, there has been a few occasions where I have longed for home.  Just for a brief pitstop.  

My family and friends.  I want to talk to my Mum and Dad, to hear their voices over the phone, (we do not live in 'visiting' distance), and although times get busy, just to hear their voice sounds so wonderful to me.  The people that pull at my heart stings and I so long to hear their voice again, I so long to see their beautiful faces with my own eyes. The words 'I miss you' are so very simple, but pull so much on me.  We have been in contact through email and text messages and to hear them said, and the way they are said, these people make me feel so loved, so honoured, so blessed, to be part of their life, and to know that they feel as I feel toward them, only makes me miss them more.  They take me as I am, they ask nothing of me than I have to offer to them, they laugh at me and they laugh with me, they see the whole package, and still they tell me they miss me.  I am so very blessed.

My Oven.  Home made, straight from the oven, my oven, chocolate cake and that top bit of cake that I slice off to make it flat for icing, that is still fresh and just a little bit warm, but mouthwateringly soft inside with that little bit of crusty outer that we all love to nibble on and a sure sign that the cake we are about to ice, is going to taste rather delish.  

All good things must come to an end, but wait, it only opens the door to more good things ahead of me.  Catching up with family and friends, getting back into the groove of our lives, planning the next adventure.  Always there is an adventure waiting, just around the corner.

Thanks so much for stopping by my place today, thanks for being part of the journey, thanks for being my friend.

Take care of you, and bear hug those that love you with no conditions, no questions, no expectations just cause they can and just cause they do.

See you on the other side of my travelling gypsy-pants seat flying fling, where I will complete the rest of our adventure with photos and journalling.

Posted by Gypsy Joyce.


TK said...

this is such a lovely post Joyce, we have been struggling with a super duper new internet/phone connection (read frowns and sighs and cross frustrated mutterings) that has been well...not so...super duper!!! However I am finally back to my computer working at home and enjoying being able to keep up to date with your adventures, pics or no pics, it is all so special, TK xx

'Joyce' said...

Hullo Tiffany, oh thank you. I am so looking forward to visiting you and everyone else to say hi and see what you have been making, baking, loving and dreaming of lately. I think it's going to be a double cuppa tea special thats for sure. I hope you have been keeping well, and so look forward to catching up very soon.