Saturday, May 28, 2011

Silverton, NSW.

'visit me, visit me'!  All these wonderful places to see keep calling out to us, the more we see, the more we want to travel around this beautiful country.  I cannot get over the rich colours that no camera can ever do justice to.  To breathe the air out here is just so energising, to walk over this rich land, and to meet the people that live here and to hear the stories of how these towns started out is such a privilege.

Here is just a small snapshot of the lovely Silverton.  Please click above for information, I am being lazy, however still one handed typing as my left hand continues to be out of action.  Besides, I cannot tell it as correctly as these sites can, I can only babble of my own experiences.

This is a creek bed just the other side of Silverton.  We parked the car and spent quite a while down here.  The boys were rock collecting.  I told them they can only take what they can carry in their two hands, as it is only fair to share.  Yes, my boys have become avid collectors of pretty rocks and semi-precious stones (I think that is the correct term), since just before we went away.  We are not crappy junk souvenir collectors on our travels, but much prefer to buy things like my boots in Melbourne, crochet hooks in Fitzroy, books from secondhand book shops in Mildura, clothing in Adelaide, orange peelers in Mildura, precious stones from little markets and gem shops.   

Hubbie took alot of these photos, I love his angle.

There is a little cafe here with items for purchase.  Most of them have been dug up from the Silverton/Broken Hill area.  

There is also a doll collection.  I remember playing with a pram just like this.  It's still at Mum and Dad's. 

Those teddies are just a little bit cute.

Mini things.

What a beauty.

These are for purchase too.

Lovely old churches.

A view with a minnie.  We had so much fun with these old buildings.

Only the tough plants last out here on the flat harsh land.

Joyce playing around.


More colour and texture.

The sky out here is so wild and free, you can smell the rain coming, you can feel it underfoot.

Back to the caravan the sound of the birds is amazing as they fly above our heads.  They would do this through the night also, it was so lovely to hear.  I love each night is different, each place we stay has it's own routine of nature, ticking to its own rythm, governed by nothing but instinct. 

Thanks so much for stopping by my place.  

Posted by Joyce.


Penelope said...

Joyce, what a stunning post! Love all the photographs and colours and the sky, oh that sky of rain coming is beautiful. Sounds like you are having the most incredible and family memorable time xox

Colette said...

Wonderful photos, I love the one with minnie 'framed' and those birds - amazing. Looks like you are all having a wonderful time together - enjoy. x

Miss Prudence said...

Hi Joyce, the fun is continuing! So glad other people are prepared to collect large volumes of bears and miniatures, I get to enjoy them periodically with the dusting!

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

I love all the frames in the photos. And check you out with one of your fab scarves on! Such fun I'm sure tripping around doing whatever tickles your fancy. Keep having fun!