Saturday, May 14, 2011

Beachport and Kingston S.E.

Known as the Limestone Coast this stunning area will take your breath away.  

A visit to Beachport to walk the jetty.  It is only 772 meters long.  
It was blowing a gale but that didn't stop us, the rain had subsided for a short while and we were going to make the most of it.  How could we not, just look at the colour of the water here.  

The boys were walking with me, Pops (Hubbie) had gone on ahead.  This would have to be one of my fave holiday photos so far.  The silver puffy clouds in the sky, the worn grey jetty, surrounded by this shimmering turquoise choppy ocean.  

Back in the car, Pops was on the phone to work, and we were watching the waves crash up onto the beach, the sun broke through the clouds and the image before us transformed to sparkle.  The white of the railing and foam from the waves accentuated the gold of the sand and the green of the ocean.  This place is on my 'gotta come back to' list.  My flying by the seat of my gypsy pants has taken me to some breathtaking places.  I feel very honoured to be able to travel like this and be able to see some of the most beautiful places in this little country, Australia.  

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Kingston was our next stop along the road before us.  
Initially we were not going to stop here at all, however, after flicking through some tourist books, the boys found Kev's Kollection of tractors.  So we decided to stop the night in this lovely little town.
Unfortunately Kev does not have a website, but hear it from me, this place is a must see.  There are so many old tractors and machinery here it's crazy!  He also has 'stuff for the womenfolk' too.  What a character, what a lovely fellow and a delight to talk to.  Shame we didn't get there earlier, I would have taken a few beers out to share with Kev.  One of those rare Aussie treasures himself.  To get in it's $5.00 per adult and zero $$ for kids. 

He is directly next door to Larry the big lobster on the highway.  
We need more people like Kev on this earth.  

Amongst the tractors were treasures just like this little beauty above.

'For the womenfolk' he and his wife have collected bits over the years.
I would so love this set in my kitchen, those colours would be perfecto!

He had an old army tank out the front of his property that has been there for 7 years and passed through quite a few owners and almost owners, as in some have come and paid a deposit for it, but once they realise what it will take to transport it they have changed their minds. It has now been purchased for $20,000 for another fellow who wants to use it as a garden ornament on his property.  It weighs 47 tonne and was built for WWII but was finished too late and ended up being used in Vietnam.  The boys loved it and he allowed them to climb up onto it, open the hatch and get inside.  They then wanted the hatch dropped down closed and got cranky when Dad opened it to let them out.  I wonder if the dude that bought it has kids, what a fantastic babysitter.  

Thanks to Kev for being Kev.  

Here is the view from our 'bedroom' window of our caravan site in Kingston S.E.
It's all a bit much really, but someone has to do it.  Might as well be me.  

Thanks for stopping by my place today, have a wonderful weekend at your place.

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My One Brown Mouse said...

Oh my goodness Frances, you have just passed though my part of the world!! SW Victoria, gee Im glad we put on such nice weather for you!! (not!)

'Joyce' said...

lol oh it's beautiful all the same. You know what, I am not at work, the study books . . . . . what study books?? We are having the most wonderful time.