Saturday, May 14, 2011

Somewhere along the Coorong

The following is based on notes I made while travelling in the car along this almost unreal stretch of road.  I later googled this area and learnt a bit more.  It really moved me here, it is just so magical and I could not stop writing, wanting to journal as much as I could to imprint it in my mind so that I never forget this place.

I so wish I could write properly.  I so wish I could find the words to do justice to this beautiful stretch of land we were driving through.  

When we left Kingston S.E. heading towards Victor Harbour (which then changed to destination Adelaide), the countryside changed so much.  From rolling green paddocks dotted with ebony cows and their little calves to completely flat and seemingly dry nothingness with an endless expanse of clouded sky before us.  

Sparrows darting through the trees along the sides of the road, ducks in flight, patterning the sky in front of us.  

you can click on these to enlarge them, I am sure they are ducks that were swooning and flying above us, how joyful they seem, how magnificent the view below them, I could only imagine.

Coming into the small towns dotted with a horse in a paddock next to the house, down the main street Autumn leaves twirl and dance with the breeze in the gutters, brown, orange and yellow - like a leaf ballet they perform for us as we drive along.

A wave from the fellow at the crossing who heads towards the little bakery.  

A pub on each corner or for some towns, a pub on the only corner, offering accommodation for the weary traveller, open fire, great hospitality, hearty meals and a heartfelt 'travel safe' to follow us out the door.

Back in the car and buckled up, we see changing skies before us, blustery rain breaking through to crystal blue.  One minute swirling bulging rain filled grey out to the left and clear blue out to the right.  The sky out here is infinity plus, as my boys would express it.  

Most roads we travel there is the caravan salute.  Out here it's the country salute - everyone does it - including the truckies.  

You can travel these roads with barely a vehicle near you - it's nice to acknowledge others on the road when it seems so vast.  

The logging and transport trucks charging towards us politely move to their left to lessen the wind surge, most giving a wave as they drive on to get to the docks in good time.  

Areas of flat swamp/wetlands partially covered in a broccoli coloured grass/shrub as far as the eyes can see.  A lone tree skeleton protruding painfully from the middle of the mush - alone.

The road now stretching long before us, we are the lone travellers crossing Blind Creek in the middle of flatness on a well sealed road.  

Two skeleton trees stand arthritically to attention, naked to the elements, a resting place for a bird, heading to its nest.

It's just us and the road, us with our little home on wheels, wherever we go, no destination, no time, just us and the road.

Welcome to The Coorong.

Thanks so much for visiting my place.  

Posted by Gypsy Joyce.  xx


Colette said...

Just catching up on your trip - my goodness you really are on a terrific journey. I think I would be a little bit afraid if I were in such an isolated place - glad you are clearly enjoying it though.

Rosie said...

Hello! Just popping in to say that you have to take the boys to Old Tailem Town- just outside Tailem. Its amazing. 103 buildings to explore, old cars, an animal or two. Highly recommended. Enjoy the rest of your trip.

'Joyce' said...

Hi Colette, oh it really is beautiful down here. I am so in love.
oh Rosie, that's it, thats the place that Cheryl told us about. Thank you, we have one more day here and were planning on heading into the city again as today was such a huge day and we didn't want to drive far. Will see how we feel when we wake in the morning. Now I really want to go and check it out. Thank you again.