Monday, March 14, 2011

When Nature Calls. . . .

We spent some time in our garden this weekend.  Weeding, trimming, tidying up.  I just love watching the change of season through our plants.  

This beautiful camellia was planted when we built our home.  It used to flower in April/May, however the last 2 years it's decided to bloom early.  This is our first flower for the season.

Another camellia about to burst into glorious colour.  Both our trees are just full of fat flower buds right now.  They look fabulous.

Gosh he's a lovely little spider.  He let me take a photo of him and admire his beautiful colours.  I have no idea what kind she/he is, but so pretty against our fence.  
Thank you little dude for tidying up our garden of pests.  

This little fella was in our bathroom *ahem* I guess we all gotta go sometime hey!
Perhaps because of our gardening stint on the weekend, he decided to hop inside while we were outside.  

Gosh what a cutie.  But I did have to phone a friend, cause seriously he is real, and I doubted anyone would believe us if we told them.

Just look at that beautiful colour.  Thankfully he was safely captured and placed outside in the garden.  I would guess he measured about 7cms in the above position.  

Thanks so much for stopping by my place today.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend at your place.  

Take care of you.  xx


Anonymous said...

You would love the little friend that we have adopted. A cute little Kitty we named Stitch. I like your frog and the kids would have loved him too. I can always drop this Kitty in if you are interested, she is stray and was shaking behind our shed. She now has a name, a collar, has been wormed, gets fed and played with everyday and cuddled. She follows us everywhere and loves the kids. Her personality makes her cuter. You know the old saying never judge a book by its cover well that is Stitch. She looks a bit feral but is totally the opposite and even Daisy loves her and they chase each other through the wire door as i am not game to let them near one another just in case, i cannot afford Daisy's vets bills if she gets something from her, the Vet said she should be fine but to be careful. It is like having Lady and the Tramp only in cats.
I am guessing you know who this is.. CC

angelina said...

now joyce. tell me you werent afraid of a cute little tree frog?? you should have picked him up yourself, they are so darling and gentle. he would have taught you a lesson. crooak! :)

MonetPaisley said...

Hi joyce. Thanks for dropping in, I am still computerless and its going to cosy a bundle to replace the screen of my laptop.

Jodie Hodges said...

Oh the screams of laughter were priceless. Guess what my little princess told for news today.... So so cute.

'Joyce' said...

CC, of course it's you. lol. xx Oh little stitch has a new home by the sounds of it. I would love a kitty, however, not fair to any animal with the travel we do. I just wouldn't ever leave home if we had a furry family member.
Angelina, oh no, I didn't pick up the darling little frog, she/he was carefully handled by my hubbie, I had the camera and called our friends up to show them. Oh such the cutest little thing, I do hope there are lots more in our garden, and they bring their mates.
MonetPaisley, oh gosh, ouch to the pocket to replace the screen. So looking forward to seeing you back blogging again soon.
Jode, what a crack up, glad to have been of assistance in providing the news of the week. lol. What another great evening, thanks again.

Miss Prudence said...

Well isn't that such a privilege to have such an ordinary brush with nature in a time of such mass destruction of the environment.
So very perfect and beautiful and fun too!