Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sweet Dreamin'

We love stars.

Especially on pyjama shirts.

I used these to do the stars.

The boys have some lovely boxer shorts they use as pj's, however, instead of plain shirts, which are very boring, even in the dark of night, I coloured up some sweet dreams for them.  They love them and although my imagination just didn't extend far enough to give them different shirts, it doesn't bother them at all.  Since colouring these though, I have thought of a few more patterns to do for them.  

I think I want a little sweet dreams singlet for me too now.  

This single bed sheeting was op-shopped many months ago, 
with the intent of new jammie pants for moi!

Finally, here they are, and gosh they are lovely and soft and mega comfy.  

Do you like making something from something else?
Do you get excited when you have a plain white t-shirt, to transform?
What have you been making lately?

Thanks so much for stopping by my place today,
have a most wonderful weekend at your place.  

(Again our planet has been struck, please spare a thought to those in Japan right now.)


ana @ i made it so said...

oh i really like this upcycle! it looks great, so cozy.

and thank you so much for taking the leap and joining the dive this week! i know it may be intimidating but it's such a nice group of bloggers who visit each other. i glad they'll come your way and get to know this peaceful corner of the blogosphere you've created.

(and my thoughts go out to those in japan and those who have loved ones there...)

Colette said...

I love to make something new from something old. I have bags and boxes full of stuff to be re-made. Will I ever get around to it?

Oh the horror the Japanese are suffering right now - just awful. x

Penelope said...

I love your PJ bottoms Joyce, they do look comfy! I love thrifting and up-cycling into smething functional again xox

'Joyce' said...

Hullooooooo, Oh thank you Ana, you are so sweet. I love your blog, I love all your beautiful artwork. You are so very talented.
Oh it's wonderful to see that you all love making stuff from other stuff too. I have more making to be done and hopefully I get a chance to do more soon.
Colette, I have heard a saying that the person with the most stash wins. lol or something like that.
Penelope, they are so lovely and soft I really need to make some more very soon. I honestly don't think I could buy jammie pants ever again after wearing these.
Thanks so much for stopping by.

Crochet with Raymond said...

Love those PJ pants Joyce! I wish I could sew, it would open up so much more potential to upcycle and make fun special things!

I think she saying goes "she who dies with the most yarn wins"... easily interchangable with fabric!!!!!

Have a lovely week and take care of your dear self and your special family XXXXX

'Joyce' said...

oh Alice, all you need is a little sewing machine and you would be fabulous. All I need is more time. lol. Yes, that saying goes with all crafts me thinks, I love it. Thanks so much for stopping by my place and hugs to you, KB and dear Raymond.