Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Joyce Can't Stop Thinking About. .

Photo courtesy of eclectic me

I have been at school this morning with my little students, then straight out to our local soccer fields where I helped at canteen for the rest of the day for a high schools zoning inter-schools football (soccer) day thingy (yes, very technical aren't I!).

It was a busy day, it was a sweaty day, however, glued to the inside front of my head has been this darling little denim masterpiece made by the very talented Gillian of eclectic me.

How could you not love this.  How could you not need at least one of these in your home.  Please, pop over to her lovely blog and check it out.  She has so very kindly included the instructions for you and me to make one too.     

I might just have to rethink my use of our jeans I have been collecting for shopping bags and outdoor cushion covers to a lovely granny bathmat.    Perhaps I can have my cake and eat it too if I were to op-shop more jeans.  
I have been collecting sheeting for mat-making, however, ohhhhhhh can you tell I am so in love with this darling mat!  Can you tell just a little even?????

Thank you Gillian for your awesomeness!

x x

Do you have any bits of awesomeness that you would like to share?  I would love to check them out, whether your own awesomeness or someone else's.  Please always remember to show other peoples work respectfully, with their permission and give credit to the originator of the work.  

I am going to start putting lovely bits of awesome under this header.  Things that can be made, things that can be shopped, just wonderfully, wonderful bits that I fall in love with that I just HAVE to share with you all too.  

Thank you for stopping by my place today and have a wonderful day at your place.


Gillian said...

awwww....thank you sweetness!
I'm so glad my little bath mat has given you some lovely creative thoughts today :)

Thank you so much for using your beautiful gift of encouragement, you are a treasure ♥

Zyatica said...

Oh I saw this too Frances... its rather very nice and cute.