Friday, March 18, 2011

R.I.P. Bin Lizzy

Each Friday, I like to end the week with something sweet to take into the weekend, something gentle, a little bit of quiet, a little bit of a breath, a little still moment with a little reflection or saying.

Your lovely comments have encouraged me to keep this little Friday breath going.  A little reminder to me that I am not alone in a busy week, and that we tend to be doing so many things for so many other people, that it's nice to take a moment for ourselves.  

Unfortunately today I cannot do that.  Today is a bit of a sad day for me.  I do apologise, and I was torn between whether or not I should even do a post at all.  I don't feel uplifted, I don't feel like pretty sayings, however, this is part of my life and this is my online journal.  The other reason I am going ahead with this post, is that I want to share a little friend of mine with you that totally made me smile every single Friday morning without fail.  My little friend, Bin Lizzy.

Bin Lizzy has been living under one of our 3 bins and every single Friday morning when I would take the bins out, I would see Bin Lizzy and say hi.  We would have a chat and I was always telling Bin Lizzy to please go and find a home in our garden.  I have lots and lots of lovely leafy mulch under our palm trees out the front and out the back, and we have lots of lovely shade under our low growing gardenias next to one of our palm trees.  But no, Bin Lizzy seemed to love down the side of our house under our bins.  

Last Friday, I did not see Bin Lizzy, and I even moved the bin that wasn't going out that week just to make sure.  At first I was a little sad, but then I thought, hey! maybe Bin Lizzy has finally found a lovely spot in our garden.

This morning, doing my usual ritual of taking out our two bins to be emptied today, I saw Bin Lizzy.  Well actually, I saw the outside of Bin Lizzy. . . . there was a huge bite chunk taken out of the side of Bin Lizzy.  *sigh* yup, I am crying again right now.  

I am so sad that Bin Lizzy was attacked, I am so sad that Bin Lizzy would have been attacked and then made it back under the bins, in lots of pain and slowly passed away.  I am so sad that the animal that attacked Bin Lizzy probably wasn't even hungry but wanted to play, or perhaps mistook Bin Lizzy for a snake even.  I am not cranky at the animal that attacked Bin Lizzy if this was the case, it's survival instinct, but I would be VERY cranky at the animal if it was only doing it for sport.  

I have taken a photo, but please, don't scroll down if you don't want to see it.  I almost took the photo away, but have decided to leave it, as if you are brave to take a look and know anything about animals, can you see the bite mark down the side?  What do you think may have happened to Bin Lizzy?  I am going to comfort myself with the fact that the animal thought to protect itself and mistook Bin Lizzy for a snake.  I like to find the good in everything and everyone.  

Again, I do apologise for my sad post today, but I do feel a bit better in posting about Bin Lizzy.  I have decided we will bury Bin Lizzy between the lavender and daisies out the back.  It's a lovely part sunny/part shady spot for my little friend.  

I should be prepping craft for my little playgroup this afternoon, we were going to do shapes again, however, we are now going to do something garden-y, something like butterflies and lizards.

Thank you so much for stopping by my place today.

Look after your little garden friends and say hi from me.

If you don't want to see the photo, DO NOT SCROLL DOWN ANY FURTHER.


Bin Lizzy


TK said...

now lizzies make me freak BIG TIME but I am still sad for you Joyce.....I think between the lavendar and the daisies is the perfect place for your pal Bin Lizzy - may she rest peacefully there and dream sweet thoughts, hugs to you too my friend, TK xx

Lillabilly said...

Oh Joyce, that's so sad! *HUGS* We have lots of lovely Lizzies at my house - they are of the Blue Tongue variety. There is a massive goldy mama one who lives in a pipe under my back stairs and momentarily scares the bejesus out of me when I am rushing up and down and she's just slunk out to warm mind always goes "AAARRRGGHH SNAAAAAKE!" just a second before I realise it's just our delightful lizard. I think I probably scare her more! We also have a lovely silver version in the front yard somewhere who visits under our house on occasion...hopefully helping to catch cockaroaches!!!! Now those creepies are something I actually AM scared of. I'm sure your beautiful Lizzie will rest in peace in the lovely spot you've chosen for her and perhaps next year when the weather starts to warm you will discover the next generation of Lizzies running about your garden. Xx

RobynK said...

Oh, condolences on the loss of your little native friend. It looks like an attack by a dog. Lizzy's resting place sounds just right.

ana @ i made it so said...

i am so sorry :( so very sad, and i could hear the pain in your words. i am so glad you shared, because... well, you know what? sometimes, the things that hurt or are hard to write about or read make us stop and feel things differently. sometimes, we need that just as much as a quiet breath.

sounds like bin lizzy (what a brilliant and lovely name, really!) had a good friend in you.