Saturday, March 26, 2011

Earth Hour and Wedding Anniversary

Earth Hour Tonight
Earth Hour :: Home

It's Earth Hour tonight.  

We are going to try to extend the hour in our house.  
We are going to try to do this each and every day.
We are going to try to be mindful of what we use and how we use it. 
With recent tragic natural disasters happening to our beautiful planet NOW is our chance to say sorry to Mother Nature, now is our chance to give even just a little back to her, and a chance to make a promise to be a better human and make our todays count for a tomorrow.  

It was our 11th wedding anniversary yesterday as well, but being a busy work day and tired after it, we have decided to celebrate it tonight instead, along with earth hour and candles.  (Gosh we look so young here, despite being a crappy photo, but the first I grabbed from the computer)

We are off to dinner, our little family, yes, our beautiful boys included, because well they are our family, we want them to celebrate our wedding anniversary WITH us.  We are walking down to the restaurant, we are going to enjoy our lovely anniversary dinner, we are going to walk home, and I have a huge stash of lovely candles to surround us while we either read books or play board games.

Sorry I have been a little 'not around' of late, assignments and work seem to be making me craft and socially time poor, weekends included, but I can see a big dint in the pile of studies which is keeping me going, that and the little students that I am very honoured to be spending my time with during the week.

Thanks so much for stopping by my place today.  
Have a wonderful weekend at your place.

What are your plans for Earth Hour, and do you plan to extend the hour into your everyday too?


crochet with raymond said...

wow joyce! I clicked into your blog and you reminded me about earth hour at 8.28pm! thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! I'm off, to turn off the lights and knit by candle light! Nothing else is on because we have no tv or anything, so it's same old for us, but with candles instead!!!
Lots of love to you and happy anniversary! what a gorgeous couple you two are!

Penelope said...

Hello Joyce, I wasn't aware of earth hour and now i am so I shall join you in the candled celebration of our earth at 8.30pm tonight. You and your hubby look gorgeous in your wedding photo xox Congratulations on your 11th anniversary, we also include Alice in our anniversary celebrations too xox have a wonderful family time together xox

Colette said...

Oops, I missed Earth Hour - maybe I will do it tomorrow instead.
Happy Anniversary, hope you've all had a wonderful time celebrating. x

Mrs Twins said...

Happy 'belated' Anniversary Joyce,
Amazing how the years fly by.
28 for me this year. Hugs Suex
Hope you enjoyed yourselves! x

'Joyce' said...

Thank you all for your lovely comments for our anniversary. We had a wonderful evening made even more special by earth hour and lots of candles. We are going to do that more often. coming into the cooler weather at our place will make snuggling down with candles alot easier.
Congrats to you Sue for hitting 28. wow. thats awesome.

ana @ i made it so said...

big congrats, though a bit belated...

i spent earth hour finishing those ridiculously tiny socks, then untangling some yarn and wrapping it up into a ball. i know when the warmer weather hits, i'll be knitting less, so if you're tired of hearing about knitting... hang in there :P earth hour was nice. longer than many of the other hours that fly by me these days. funny, that.