Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thank you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I am really quite without words to explain myself.  

The only way I can explain it is to say, I am feeling 'hugged'.  You know the kind.  One of those Grandma type hugs.  The all encompassing, all surrounding, all warmth, all arms, and heart, and soul, wrapped in Grandma's arms kinda hugs.  I miss my Grandma's hugs, but you have all just given me one of my Grandma's hugs - and it's so very delicious.  

Thank you.  

To add to this, I have something special to share with you today, actually, a few things to share with you today.  (I have found my words again!)

The first is, yesterday afternoon whilst working on my current 'all about Joyce' for my assignment - (struggle street), Zyatica popped over and showed me . . . .
. . . . this (above).  It's Peter Pan on a pendant!  I love it.  
She gifted this to me.  Yes, it's a gift and it's for me.  
Now I have Peter Pan around my neck all the time, telling me 'all it takes is faith and trust.'  Thank you Zyatica, and apologies for blubbering all over you.

 The other bit I would like to share with you is that one of our neighbours moved out a few months ago now, and the last few weeks have been in the process of sorting out their house to rent it out.  Anyways they had a garage sale on the weekend and she knows that I crochet scarves for our local cancer ward, as well as squares for SIBOL and crochet a rainbow.  The above photo is what she GAVE me to use for making scarves and grannies.  !!   She wanted no money in return, she just wanted me to use it for making scarves and grannies.  

Astounded = Joyce.

THEN. . . . yes, there is more, she gave me this above.  
It was started by a very good friend of hers, who lived at the end of our street, who I very briefly met when we first moved into our home, but she not long after passed away.  My neighbour has kept this cross stitch, with the intention that she would finish it in memory of her friend, but has not gotten 'round to doing so.  She asked me if I would like to have it.  I told her I would finish it for her and get it back to her to give to a nursing home or her church, whatever she wished.  She said she would like that very much.  It's the least I can do for her, in a very small exchange for all the wonderful yarn.

This lolly photo is totally unrelated to all of the above, but, I just wanted to share these with you.  I was in town this morning, and passed this little lolly shop and just had to go in.  Oh my gosh, I felt like a kid again.  Choo- choo bar!!  Get outta here!  toffee apple bar!!  Double get outta here, lemon sherbies, too awesome!  I bought some sweeties to share with my kids.  These are lollies from 'when I was a kid'.  

ultra mega rad!!

Thanks so much for stopping by my place today.  

I hope you are having a wonderful day at your place.


Anonymous said...

How wonderful to receive all that yarn but I'm sure your she is feeling great knowing it will go to good use. Looks like you'll be busy for a bit with the cross stitch too! Oh and the Peter Pan necklace is gorgeous - what a great reminder!

Zyatica said...

Glad you liked it, felt so good to make your day... it made my day. Was a pleasure making it for you.

Colette said...

Wow such great things to receive, it sounds like you live in a very special neighbourhood. Some of my neighbours can't even mange a 'good morning'. Hope you and your boys enjoy the sweet treats and a trip down memory lane.

Robyn said...

Wow, real wool and wool blend, what a gift. Very nice of you to finish the cross stitch for your neighbour.
Lol, after eating those 'old' lollies I hope the kids give their teeth a good brush as I remember how sticky choo-choo bars were! Toffee apples were one of my faves and I didn't know there were places that still stocked them. Lucky you :D.

Pretty Things said...

What awesomeness! And candy! I love the old kind of stuff, the stuff now is just not the same!

'Joyce' said...

Hullo my friends. Thank you for stopping by my place. The yarn donated is truly a lovely gift to make these scarves from. Yes, I have already started a scarf, I just couldn't not. Besides, we are heading into cooler weather here in Australia. Summer is turning to Autumn and I would like to get a hurry on, so that necks can be warmed through winter. It's such a pleasure to be hooking this wonderful stuff. I promise to share photos when they are done.
Colette, most of our neighbours are ace. There are a couple. . . . well yes, you know. lol. It's such a shame, because negative energy seems such a waste of time. oh well.
Robyn, lol, yes, lots of teeth brushing for sure. I was so excited to find these goodies myself.
Have a wonderful day at your place.

Clara said...

There are some very lovely people in this world and it's so nice for you to bump into one of them.