Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What's On Your Table - Tuesday.

It's back, it's Tuesday, and it's what is on my table this Tuesday.  
It's riveting, it's astounding, it's zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. . . . . . 

It's section three of my studies for Teachers Aide, contributing to workgroup activities.  This is fine, however, then it turns into talking about me.  I have to talk about the best product in the world.  Apparently that is me - Joyce.  


Can I just talk about the awesome staff that I work with and how passionate they are about giving these little minds the hunger for learning?  Can I talk about the long hours they all put in, the meetings they have with parents, other staff and support staff to fuel up these little minds and find ways that makes those eyes sparkle and little hands raised to ask and answer questions and want more information?

Can I just talk about the stuff I do with the children and why I love it so much?  Can I just tell them that it's such an honour to sit down with a little one at the beginning of the year, introduce ourselves to each other, have a little chat about their favourite books or hobbies and find books that match their passion?  Can I just talk about how shy most of them usually are that first week, then we see this little personality begin to shine through and their confidence just bloom when they realise THEY CAN DO IT!!  Can I talk about how I feel on the last day of school when I see how grown up they all are, and how much they have achieved since day 1, term 1 - and how proud I am of them and at the same time a little bit of sad, that my little journey with them for the year has come to an end and that they are growing up right before my eyes?

Can I, p-l-e-a-s-eeeeeeeeeee, can I, can I, extra cheesssssseeee pleassssseeeeeeeee?

 hmmmmmmmm. . . .

So, . . . . pumpkin scones, jam and a cuppa for me.  I made 104 pumpkin scones last week and froze little batches of them - yummmmmm delish!
Also, those lp's are not for putting on the player - they are our placemats.  Yup, they are mega easy to wipe over, they are mega cheap, the kids love reading them, and they do the job.  Plus I like stuff that is 'multi-purpose'.  

Thanks so much for stopping by my place today.

Have a wonderful day at your place and tell me, what is on YOUR table this Tuesday?

I would love to know.  


Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Way cool place mats!! And no you can't say all that 'cause you'll make them all cry like you made me cry. That was so beautiful and you are so fortunate to be doing all that. The little people are very lucky too! Better luck next time!

ana @ i made it so said...

oh to have someone with your passion and outlook in the lives of growing minds. how lucky they are!

i know you said something about pumpkin scones and records but really, it's your words about what you do that have me admiring you and all you do. by filling out such essays, they really do try and drag the life out of it huh? :) please don't ever lose your enthusiasm! what a gift.

Colette said...

I think you just wrote it. That passion is surely the best product?
I have a freezer full of pumpkin - now I know what to do with it, x