Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Creative Space

The weather is cooling, I am seeking a change of crafting.
Do you follow the seasons of craft too?

Crochet Rainbow Blanket. . . . progressing ever closer to completion.

My first square from Jan Eaton's 200 Crochet blocks.
Shell Lace - block 30.
This square will be sent to SIBOL

 Requested scarf for hubbie completed.  I am so happy with it, so much so that I was wearing it whilst studying this week.  Yes, our temps have dropped just enough that a little warmth around my neck is just right.  

 Pumpkin scones

 oh and a batch in car shapes too, because apparently they taste better when they are car shaped!  

Thanks so much for stopping by my place today.

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Have a lovely day at your place.  


Anonymous said...

Really excited about seeing the rainbow blanket finished. Your Hubby's scarf turned out great - bet he loves it!

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Oh so close!! Your rainbow looks amazing in that sneaky photo. Very nice scarf too. The last two mornings have been slightly cooler here too but not cool enough for knitwear. You know I really do wish crochet was for me. I do love everything crochet. Have you seen Lucy's colourful shawl? It's gorgeous and I NEED it.

Naturally Carol said...

You live in a beautiful part of the world...lovely beach! It doesn't cool down here until well into March...then I think I'll get out the crochet've got a head start..lovely scarf.

spectacularfairywren said...

love all of it. yep i change with the seasons totally. who could have wool on the lap over summer??? love that scarf.

ana @ i made it so said...

car shaped, how cute! i'm definitely a cold weather knitter. in the summer, i get my hands in the dirt of the garden, but in the winter, i love to cozy up with some wool. i do miss knitting in the off season, and i got some light yarn for a breezy summer shirt to make but we'll see if the inspiration hits when the warm weather comes our way.

your rainbow blanket is gorgeous. i'm looking forward to the final reveal!

Colette said...

That blanket looks great - and how quickly you got that scarf done! It looks lovely. I am soooo slow at getting anything finished these days - I must try harder! (or maybe do one thing at a time instead of getting lots of things started!)
Love the car shaped scones - why didn't I think of different shaped scones - so obvious now you pointed it out!

'Joyce' said...

Oh how lovely to see so many comments this morning. I get so excited to read them all. Thanks so much for saying hello.
Re the rainbow blanket, it's just so exciting now hooking the last few border colours, and I really want to get it finished, as I have plans to make a cushion to match. I am pretty sure there will be enough yarn, and even hopefully I can squeeze out a few granny squares to donate to crochet a rainbow as well. lol rainbow squares for rainbow giving.
Sarah, yes, I am following Lucy's shawl, it's just stunning. I think I am going to have to add that to my list. I love the colours she has chosen also.
Thank you Carol, yes, we love living by the beach. It's wonderful to be hooking again, I love the change of season that brings the change of crafting with it.
Ana, I look forward to seeing your breezy summer shirt - it sounds lovely.
Colette, lol, it wasn't my idea for the car shaped scones, I cannot take the credit for that one, but apparently, they really are better than the round ones. lol. too cute.
Have a lovely weekend at your place, and again, thank you for your lovely comments, and for stopping by. Bless.

Deanne Stewart-Mills said...

goodness!! How'd I miss the post with your blanket in it?? Am off to find more pics to have a look.
Lovely looking pumpkin scones (lol about car shaped being tastier!).
Thanks for stopping by my blog :D

Gillian said...

Oh your blanket is so beautiful Joyce :)
Your block is Beautiful!!! love that one, on my 'to-do list' very soon :)

Your hubby's scarf looks FAB!!! Well done :)
Those colours are so lovely, like the way you have done the stripe also!

Clara said...

Blanket and scarf are beautiful!