Tuesday, January 11, 2011

7 Interesting things about Joyce.

Good Morning blogland, I have been honoured with a little blog award thingy from my friend Jacey.  Pop over to her blog and check out her beautiful little crochet hat with flower.  Such beautifully neat work and I do so love this colour combination.  This would look fabulous against a grey sky day.

hmmmm, 7 interesting things about me, I am not sure they will be interesting but oh well here goes.  

1.  I am allergic to ironing - truly I am.  

2.  I love, love, love jammie days with my boys.  (Today is jammie day)

3.  I am not a good swimmer - at all - can't handle putting my face underwater - childhood thing that I have never outgrown.  I love my bodyboard, but won't go out where I cannot stand up.  This is not so much an interesting fact other than an embarrassing shameful fact as a Mum with two children that love the beach, but we only swim in the flags and I won't take my bodyboard when it's just me with them.  I am hawke-eye the whole time and they are restricted to staying close to me.  Luckily they are young enough it doesn't bother them, for now.  I envy seeing others diving over the waves laughing and I know I am totally missing out here, but that enclosed feeling of water swirling around my head makes me nauseas - even right now.

4.  I am not particularly fond of people who judge others by their physical appearance, or by their 'status' in the community.  

5. I have started a little made it shop (here).  I am so not ready to tell the world, but Jacey has given me courage to share it today, and I so want to share it with my friends, cause I need your honest opinion, please.  I have much more to sew and add to it, but I have already had one sale which totally blows me away.  If you remember a post I made here about jumping, then this is what I was talking about.  I went with option 1c, and I am glad I did.  Life is for living and learning.  *yikes* I would love your honest opinions re my madeit shop if you do check it out.  *sigh* I have jumped and I quite like the feeling.  Either way I have succeeded - just cause I didn't give in.  Oh and you can laugh, cause laughing is good for your health.  

6. *Ahem* My pegs are colour co-ordinated.  White pegs for indoor airer, blue pegs in caravan, pink pegs for backyard clothes line.  Prior to splitting up my pegs I would use all the same colour pegs then move onto the next colour and finally the last colour.  NEVER, EVER, did I use different coloured pegs for the same item hanging - NEVER!

7.  I eat chocolate every single day.  Sometimes a little bit and sometimes alot, but always every single day.

Ok now I have to tag some lovely friends with this award so they can share their 7 interesting things about them.  
If you are tagged below and don't wish to play, please let me know, I will not be offended at all.

Thanks so much for stopping by, have a lovely day at your place and stay tuned for my 10 x 10 x 10 later today.  


Zyatica said...

I am honoured Frances - although I have few blog friends may have to honour you again.

I love your made it shop, it looks good. I really love the header it is so you. I so think the bags are a great idea, so versatile and useful. I wish you all tyhe success with it... Congratulations on selling something I am yet to do that... I ahve some great creations to add later when they get finished...
cheers Z

Sarah - Red Gingham said...

I'm sorry but i can't stop laughing about your peg story! I don't care what colour pegs i use but if I have a helper there are all sorts of rules. And oh no you've tagged me!! I'm not sure if I'd have any things as interesting as you but I'll have a good think about it and then blog about them. Now off to have a gander around your secret shop!!

Gillian said...

I'm allergic to ironing also!!! ;)
it makes me sigh and day dream of crochet!

Love your madeit store Joyce :)

'Joyce' said...

oh thank you girls so much. Zyatica, I look forward to seeing your new creations when they are completed. It's a bit of a scary thing to put yourself out there, but you inspired me with your jewellery party and a few other girls have taken the leap in making and selling their items at markets and online. I have been wanting to do it for so long now and its silly really to not give it a go.
Sarah - I know, I am such a sad little puppy, but I would love to find out 7 things about you, and I bet you they are so interesting - there you go!! I look forward to finding out. lol.
Gillian - woo hoo - we just may have a club going here. forget burn the bra - lets melt the iron. *giggle* oh i need help.
thanks for checking out my little store and not laughing too much. lol. if i dont sell them, i at least have teacher gifts for the next few years.
thanks so much for stopping by.

Penelope said...

Oh wow Joyce, thank you so much for my blog award, that is so lovely. I loved your 7 things which are just superb...hhmmmm I now need to think of 7 things about me. I think your shop is brilliant, just GO FOR IT xox

Colette said...

I love the peg story, I had to get wooden pegs because I knew I would be annoyed if the pegs weren't lined up in colour patterns on the line - ridiculous I know!