Tuesday, January 11, 2011

10 x 10 x 10 - Day 2

Above is my 10 x 10 x 10 for today.  I must apologise as they are all indoor photos again today.  I sort of forgot about it and I rushed around the house late this afternoon with my camera on auto again.  Did not change the settings, did not line anything up.  

Main photo is a pink jacket sleeve poking out of other dark jacket sleeves hanging in my wardrobe (so pink it is).  My Mum, my sister and I have the same jacket.  

1. Frangapani potpourri in organza bag.
2. Miss Pink - my kitchen aid.  
3. Beads that belonged to my Great Aunty Ducky.  
4. My little roses jewellery container from my bestest girlfriend a few years ago, along with a little thrifted bowl.
5. My itty-bitty ipod thingy.
6. Fave pink bangle (thrifted) and lovely jewellery pouch made by a girlfriend for my birthday 2 years ago.
7. My mobile phone which has been getting a huge workout today keeping in touch with family and friends of flood affected QLD.  The $5.00 note is my darling big boys as the tooth fairy found his big front tooth under his pillow Sunday night, it's ready for banking.
8. Madly trying to keep washing up to date, the pink pegs are currently working overtime inside at the moment.  They don't like it at all, but we all have to do things we don't like at times.  
9. My ma-ma doll dressed in a beautiful old dolls dress that belonged to my Mum.  The doll behind her is my Cindy doll, also dressed in an old dolls dress that belonged to my Mum.

This photo exercise isn't really about the photos at all, it's more sort of picture journalling.  Is there such a thing?  What will my thoughts be in years to come when I look back on this little project?  What will the next 8 days of photos show about me and the world I live in right now?  

I apologise for being so flat tonight.  I forgot about taking the photos until late and it's rather a lame line up as well, but they are done now.  I have been contacting loved ones up north and awaiting to hear they are safe and together.  

I want to do something besides watch the news and send my love and prayers.  I want to help, I want to take my linen to these families and wrap warm dry towels around their shoulders and cook them a meal.  I want to grab their photo albums and bring them to my place to store them.  I wish I had a helicopter and was wonder woman.  

My prayers and thoughts go out to all affected by these floods.  Keep yourselves safe.  To our rescue, medical, police and others helping, our prayers also go to you.  

Thank you for stopping by my place and take care of you and yours at your place tonight.  Bless.  xx

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Colette said...

This is oh-so girly! I love that roses jewellery container, I'm turning a little green with envy.

I nominated you on my blog for an award - but I just scrolled down and saw you've just done a post on an award - great timing eh! I'm thinking you could count it in with what you've done - unless you have 7 more things you want to share!