Monday, January 17, 2011

10 x 10 x 10 - Day 8

Day 8 - is productive, is busy, is getting things done, is out there.  

Today I cheated.  I had to erase my contact details in photo 1 of my collage.  I didn't notice it until I put the collage up.  It's not that I don't want you to call me, it's just that I don't want freaks to call me.  Not that I mind talking to freaks, I mean I talk to myself all the time really, it's just that, you know, freaky sort of freaks that freak you out like.  

Main photo - My little one drew me a pink jumbo jet.  Gosh the places we could go!

Collage - 
1. This is our new mouse at our desktop computer.  I don't like it, it's too fancy for me.  It's not a mouse, it's a shiny silver coaster on an angle, that likes to think it's a mouse.  It will never be a mouse in my eyes.  Next to it is one of two vouchers I have printed out to offer at our street party auction.  I hope we get lots of great bids.  Yes, I am organising a fundraiser street party auction as per yesterdays post.  I have THE most awesome neighbours.  
2. I have made 4 x drawstring bags and now just have to fill them with the required items to post for this.  I am not sure my sewing and creative skills can extend to the sewing caddy so I am just doing the stuff I can do, and posting extra bits instead.
3. My machine threaded and taking a break while I click my 10.
4. Six library bags so far.
5. Candle burning in memory of others.
6. Dressmakers pins.
7. Sorry Neil - You have been reshaped and along with some of your mates will be filled with goodies to auction at the street party.
8. Sustenance.
9. Today's newspaper.  

Thanks so much for stopping by my place today.  I hope you are having a lovely day, I hope you are getting lots of good things done.  Things that need to be done to get to the next level.   




Zyatica said...

Love your pictures as always... SO is it really a mouse or is it a touch pad thingy??? I am intrigued...

Just read your voucher what a great idea, I would love details re the street sale...

Take care.

Lola Nova said...

I've just been catching up on your 10s. They are wonderful! Also enjoying reading your posts.
Thank you for the very kind and encouraging comment you left over at my place, such lovely words. You are right, it is about the adventure!

Colette said...

Great set again, I love the close ups of the pins and sweets. Oh and the pink jumbo jet - just perfect! x

'Joyce' said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting.
Zyatica, oh maybe its a touch pad thingy. hmmmm, it doesn't have the tail, it doesn't have the shape of a mouse, so perhaps you are correct. I have no idea at all. lol
Lola Nova - Oh I am loving this wonderful project and just seeing what other people see and what brings them joy to their days. Thanks so much for your lovely comments here too. Bless.
Colette - lol I do love my pink jumbo jet, every Mum needs one me thinks. I am going to miss your 10's when they are done, however, I am so lucky to have met you and so look forward to getting to read your future posts and getting to know you. I do love blogland, it's a wonderful community and I have met such wonderful new friends. Have a wonderful day at your place.