Tuesday, January 18, 2011

10 x 10 x 10 - Day 9

Day 9

Inspiration from my garden today.  

Main - My beloved frangapani - even a little spider snuggles protected in one of the delicately scented petals.  

Collage -
1. Daisy.
2. Camelia tree spurting even more new life.
3. Under the camellia tree this darling little native violet calls home.
4. Geranium from my Mother in law in a pot.  Hers are just stunning fat hugely double fat bursts of flower, I am not the green thumb like she and my Mum are.  Not to mention two little boys that love to play backyard soccer, and cricket and balls that snap off little buds and branches.
5. Looking up from under a palm tree.
6. A tree planted by our neighbours, which loves to grow and say hi into our place. I love the colours I love the texture of this tree.  Anyone can give it a name for me?  
7.  Part of a cottage packet mix that I scattered last spring into our front garden.  Gosh these are the prettiest little things.  Again, can anyone name them for me?
8. Our tibouchina hedge, there are a couple of little buds dotted here and there, I get so excited to see this lovely hedge in flower.  This particular tibouchina is called Carol-Lyn.  I think I have written it correctly.  It flowers constantly on and off through the year, and I cut it right back and off it goes again.
9. Geranium from my Mum which is in our front garden in front of the tibouchina hedge.  I have managed to get a few of these going and would love to cover the front of the hedge with this and the darker red/pink one as in photo 4.  

All the plants in our garden are tough, it's really just that simple, they have to be tough, they have to withstand my non-green thumbs, they have to withstand two little boys, they have to withstand humidity, they have to withstand coastal winds and weather.  We have planted so many different plants that unfortunately have become mulch over the years, however, this lot are here to stay, they seem to thrive where others have fallen.  Our neighbours have similar plants, which is a wonderful omen that we have planted the right species.  We get birds in our backyard and lately the butterflies have just been huge and stunningly beautiful.  

Which reminds me right now, we entered the Landcare Sunflower Challenge and ooopppppssss - have not planted our seeds yet.  Hmmmm, another job for today - I wonder if it's too late?  We shall see then.  I will let you know how it goes.

What are you doing today?  Perhaps you are working, perhaps you are sewing, perhaps you have the hiccups, perhaps you are helping someone that you have never met before.  Perhaps you are delivering a baby today, perhaps you are just finished work and going home to have a sleep.  Perhaps you are nibbling on a little piece of chocolate - just a little piece, you know for sustenance.  Perhaps you are just about to put your seatbelt on and go for a drive.  Perhaps you are herding sheep right now to another paddock with your trusty sidekick black collie, named Bonny, who has a white patch on her left ear. Perhaps you are collecting shells on the beach, perhaps you have glue stuck to your finger and thumb in a most annoying way.  Perhaps you are writing a letter to someone you love so much it hurts inside your ribcage.  Perhaps you are wrapping a gift, perhaps you are boiling the kettle, perhaps you are replacing a lightbulb, perhaps you are about to tell someone you love them (do it, go on, do it - even if they don't feel the same, then you have been honest.)  Perhaps you are wondering when Joyce is going to stop talking. . . . . . . Joyce wonders if she can stop 'perhaps-ing'.  

Ok then, thanks so much for stopping by my place today.  Take care of you, be kind to you, look after you.  It's the only you, you have.  


Sarah - Red Gingham said...

Frangapanis are my favourite flower in the world! I love their frangrance. Now I think perhaps I might just be about to peel the veggies for our roast chicken dinner. Thanks for the pretty flower pics!

Colette said...

How lovely to see some flowers, I'm hoping for a few more this year, I try every year but I'm not too successful, lots of shade and poor soil doesn't help.
And yes today we have had hiccups, and yesterday and the day before. Most peculiar, we've taken it in turns to get them each day, must be Mr's turn tomorrow. x

Mrs Twins said...

OOH I do wish we had some colour in our garden! Yours is beautiful.
I just love going out in to the garden and messing about, too cold at the moment, nevermind.
Thanks for stopping by, Suex

ana @ i made it so said...

hearing all your perhapses makes me think of all that i could be doing!

those flowers are so lovely. and makes me ache for spring to arrive here. we are in the thick of our winter, which means, my focus is indoors -- knitting, drawing, cooking, writing...

Gillian said...

I found myself wondering what everyone else was doing also....Lovely post Joyce, your flowers are so pretty!

Just because I know you were wondering, I have just finished baking Date & Walnut Loafs (my Nan's recipe in her tins - very special) and am slow cooking dinner, Also enjoying having my three kids home on school holidays :)

'Joyce' said...

Hullo Sarah, ohhhhh we have something in common. I love frangapanis. oh I just melt in their scent.
Colette, So did Mr get the hiccups. how bizarre!! Re the garden, yes, it's frustrating when you put something pretty in the ground and it just doesnt work out. All the best of luck with your garden.
Mrs Twins, oh I have seen your garden, gosh, with your stunning blankets you showcase, you have stunning blooms, although I guess not so much this time of year for you. I will be hounding your blog come winter for us, to get my fix of colour. lol. Thanks so much for stopping by. xx
Ana, lol, yes, I probably should have been sewing rather than perhaps-ing. I do like to wonder what others are doing at just that moment. Things like that truly amaze me. (I have a very small head. lol)
Gillian, ohhhhh yummy your Nans date and walnut loaf sounds so delish. and 'here, here' to school holidays. I just love it, we have the rest of this week and all of next week still to go. *sigh* just bliss.
Thanks so much for stopping by. I am off to visit you all for the evening now. xx

Anonymous said...

Hello My Lovely!

I think number 6 looks like cornflowers. They are one of my favourite cottage flowers because of their intense blue! Now I need to go and dig out my Flower Fairy books and work out why I am associating the Cornflower Fairy with my Dad!!!


'Joyce' said...

ohhhhh how wonderful, thank you my dear A. Hmmmm, let me know what you come up with re the connection. oh and I think it's photo 7, but I know what you mean. xx