Thursday, December 9, 2010


Ahhhhhh, it's lovely to sit down for a breather. How has your day been? I hope you have had lots of fun. I have, well actually hang on, no, it didn't start out as a fun day, but come 8.30am when I said hello to a girlfriend in the car park of school and kissed my two little 'darlings' goodbye til 3pm, THEN at that moment did my day improve. lol my two little monkeys were at odds with each other this morning, and it drove me crazy!

It's ok, it's all normal, it's all part of being Mum. I have two very tired little boys, who are very much over school for the year. I really do not blame them at all, they still have homework this week, it's only very light homework, however, I have decided after Monday and Tuesday attempts, that we are going to close the homework books. I am not even sending them to school with their homework books.

They did have a good day though, they caught up with their friends, they were apart from each other, then after school we went straight to circus gym where they are in different groups as well, so that by the time we were all home and together again, they were back to being my two beautiful little boys.

I am glad they had a good day, because as I told you, my day improved, and I ended up having a wonderful day too.

I went to work after school drop off, and filled my ears with children singing and jingling bells to Christmas music. So beautiful are the voices of children in song. Then I come home, donned the apron and . . . . .

made 48 cupcakes - yes, waaaaaaayyyyyyy too many, as there are only 24 children in my littles ones class. (But that means I have some to take to work tomorrow, and Dad and big brother also get to munch out). It's his birthday on Monday, he will be six, oh my gosh, my baby will be turning 6 at 6.30am on Monday morning. *sigh* Anyways, the children share cupcakes with their classmates on their birthday. I am sending his tomorrow instead of Monday as he has a picnic day for end of year on Monday. He is feeling rather very special having his end of kindy break up picnic day ON HIS BIRTHDAY. I did have to ruin his fun when I told him that no, it wasn't organised BECAUSE it is your birthday, it just happens to be on the same day. 'oh'. Yeah, Mummy spoils everything! Well I am only being honest.

I also, between batches of cupcakes, traced and cut out these lovely car shapes, I am going to turn them into beep, beep, bunting. He loves cars, trucks, you know, boy stuff. I promise to share the finished, hanging bunting.

I also cut out some fabric, I am making teacher gifts, and well you remember when I said about starting my new years resolution????? *ahem* I broke it, *cough* yup, I broke my new years resolution even before the new year, oh light bulb moment, so does that meant it doesn't count. oh my gosh, I believe that to be correcto! Well there you go! It doesn't count after all, and besides I know you are on my side, cause Spotlight sent me a voucher and they made me do it. **mmmmwwwwwwha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha** (evil laugh). So ok the two fabrics on the left are actually for me. They will be made into skirts, because you know, I don't have enough skirts at all (!!) Yes, that second fabric does have apples on it and yes, I will be making that very fabric into a skirt for moi! Stayed tuned, they don't call it the silly season for nothing, 'xcept in my case, it's not just a single season.

I am unable to reveal the identities of the other fabrics, other than to say, can you do me a favour and cross your fingers that it works out like the picture inside my head?

Hokey pokey, I am out of here now, pitstop is over, this little jelly bean has work to do and pronto. The paper doilies are calling me.

Have a lovely weekend at your place.


Jacey said...

Glad your day improved, reading your post has made me realise that I have forgot all about teachers presents, something else to add to my urgent to do list.xx

ana @ i made it so said...

you know, it's nice that you're not trying to press the homework issue. we all need a little breather here and there.

i'm a little jealous that you're able to make cupcakes for school. ours wont allow them because of allergy issues. ah well... it's a whole different world now than the one in which i grew up :)

enjoy your weekend, too!

Mrs Twins said...

Hi Joyce,
Thanks so much for your comments I'm pleased you read about the Nursing home.
You know I was thinking after reading your post, I wish I had my blog years ago, because it would have been a way of clearing my head after having those 'bad days' when things were getting on top of me.
I'm glad your day improved and this was a great post!
I've asked Brenda if she wants to collect the squares in anyway I think it might be too much for me, its just I dont like saying NO.