Friday, December 10, 2010

It Really IS Summer

Our first frangapani flower for the season. Welcome to our garden beautiful little feast to the eyes. I love to wander my garden, I love the changes, so much going on all at once above the ground and below the ground.

I have been to work today, it's been hot. I collected my boys from school this afternoon, it was hot there too. I am glad they didn't get the bus today, it's far too hot. Even breathing was hot. Under the shade of a tree was still hot, it was just hot.

We come home and opened up the house, the beautiful sea breeze that catches through our open doors and windows has just totally transformed my drippy, droopy, tired, and hotness to refreshed and cool, and ready to get into it again. Thank you sea breeze, we love you. I do not wish to move from this house, I do not wish to move even one block away to miss on this fabulous breeze, straight off the ocean, straight into our little home, straight onto our skin, and up our noses and into our lungs to cool us down.

The sky is changing this last half hour, the breeze has picked up and I think I am going to have to get myself off the computer very soon, I can smell it, and I can feel it, oh doesn't the skin prickle when a storm is near. We haven't had a decent cleansing storm for quite a while, it will be good to have one after today. I just hope those clouds don't keep going out to sea, which so often happens.

I hope you are able to catch a cooling breeze or perhaps you are in a different season to us, and you are reaching for that crochet rug to snuggle the evening away in. Wherever you are, I hope you have a lovely weekend at your place.


MonetPaisley said...

I thought you were in tassie. I might be wrong though, I might have you confused with someone else. How come you can grow a frangipani and I can't. I think I am destined to kill everything green, I always thought gardening would be my thing :-( I love frangipanis, gorgeous. I love your seabreeze too, sounds delightful.

Penelope said...

I can smell that frangipani if I close my eyes real tight, makes me feel homesick for South Africa and summer time xox I hope you keep cool and refreshed by that beautiful seabreeze x

'Joyce' said...

Hullo MonetPaisley - No, I live in NSW. I have never been to Tassie, it's on our list tho. I don't do anything special for any of my plants at all really. We mulch our garden, and I do chat to my plants and I love to just touch a leaf/branch now and then in passing. I can feel their energy sort of 'zing' up my arm. I probably don't make sense at all, but I can't explain it any other way. I don't use sprays or anything either.

Penelope, oh I hear your homesickness and wish I could send you a little flower to cheer you. Their fragrance is just like no other really.

Thank you and Bless.