Monday, November 8, 2010

An Unexpected Day

It's your usual Monday morning, little ones rubbing sleep from their eyes, wishing the weekend was three days long, cause they didn't get to make, ride, create, play, run, swim enough over the last two days. Lunches being made and packed, breakfast being gobbled down, fresh uniforms ready to put on, teeth brushed, bags packed, digging around for the school hat. The hairbrush comes out, just before getting dressed to walk out the door, 'oh' I exclaim, 'look at all that lovely soft downy hair that is growing around his hairline again.' 'hmmm, hang on, he still has sand in his hair, . . . . *dread* it's not coming out, . . . . . it's stuck in his hair, right stuck up tight type of stuck, it's . . . . . not . . . . . sand. . . . . . aaarrrrrggggghhhhhhh.'

We have been hit, we have been hit with nits. A quick inspection of Minnie's hair, and I find nothing. Go through it again just in case I missed anything, no, zippo, nothing. Ok it's just big brother. No school today bro! We need to get rid of these little nasties.

Drop the little dude to school, he is NOT happy, and in the car tried telling me he was itchy and couldn't go to school ha ha ha ha, very funny, sorry dude, you are fine.

Off to the chemist and health store for supplies. $101.30 later (!!!!) we come home and lathered up. I know tea tree oil is good, so I purchased items with lots and lots of tea tree oil in them, also buying more tea tree oil and lavender oil as I have gone through the house spritzing everything, and I mean everything!! Sorry to the teddies and mates, but it just had to be done. I know they can't live off the hair and scalp (where they feed from), however, just spritzing every single dot of space makes Mumma feel better.

We made it a bit of fun. Took lots of silly photos of ourselves and had a good laugh about it. I told him only the good looking ones got nits, and I even lathered up myself and went through the process. Mainly to see if I had them too, but to make him feel a bit better that we both smelt as lovely as each other. I was clear, and I can tell you, so glad that elbow length hair of mine is no longer attached to my head. *yikes*

So not having nits at our place in the past, this process seems to have worked for us.
- Thursday Plantation brand head lice gel which I massaged into his hair and leave for 20 mins.
- Into shower to thoroughly rinse off.
- Lather conditioner through hair, leave 2 mins.
- Nit comb through hair from roots to tips, washing comb after each 'comb'.
- Wash out.
- Repeat last 3 steps.
- Inspect hair and was satisfied with results.
- Spritz hair with deterrent.

Every second day for the next 14 days will repeat conditioner and comb process, then go to weekly conditioning and comb process.

I know for a fact that some parents just don't care. I know for a fact that some children are getting nits every few weeks, despite their parents doing the whole routine, over and over again. I also know for a fact that nits are not always itchy. My son didn't itch this morning, he hasn't itched all weekend, yet he most certainly had nits at 8.05am this morning. I had only checked both their hair early last week as a note come home from school saying there was an infestation. It seems the only children that are being sent home are the little ones that happen to be caught scratching their head by a teacher.

I also know for a fact that it's not the teachers responsibility to line the kids up every Monday and do a nit check, sheesh, they do more than enough 'parenting' as it is. I am not sure tho, if I am stepping out of line to offer my services free of charge to visit each classroom and inspect heads. Those children get sent to the office, parents called and they go home. Yeah, great way to make lots and lots of friends Joyce!! ha ha! Stuff them I say, darn well stuff them!! I also know that this would be a full-time job.

If you would like more info on nits and how to eradicate them, go and check this out for more info and myth busters.

I didn't get to work today, I didn't do any study today, instead I spent the day with my darling boy, in and out of the shower, head massages and combing and combing again. Strangely it was a good day together, we talked alot, we read together, we even had a cuddle on the lounge together. He has such beautiful hair, every single strand of hair is a different colour to the one next to it, from quite a dark brown to shimmering orange and gold. Yes, I know, get over it Joyce. *sigh* but he really does have the most beautiful head of hair - to me.

How was your day today, did you have an unexpected day at your place today?

I have this horrid urge to be like a monkey and inspect my kids hair right now. I also have a strange urge to scratch my head right now too. lol.

Are you scratching your head now, or have you already been scratching your head. *giggle*.

Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely day at your place.


Lollybags said...

I am so sick of lice! I treat my kids all the time and they keep getting them, I tell them they must taste good, but I wish I could take the parents who don't do anything about it by the shoulders and shake them until they see reason! So much time and money goes into it that doesn't need too *sobs* No more!!!

Bugalugs aka Jacqui said...

Oh we very much dislike headlice in this house and we have had many days the same as yours and some filled with tears from the kids and myself during the removal of them/all the washing that I had to do when we got them. I have found what works for us is using a hair straightner and killing them that way. I know not everyone would use this method but I believe you need to find what works for you and your family. We then spray the hair for the next few days with a tea tree oil and water mixture.
Glad you enjoyed your time with your boy though x

AlyshaJane said...

Oh noes! Not having kids yet, I haven't gone through this but I can imagine what it is like. Kind of.

I vaguely remember having nits when I was little, or at least, someone I was friends with had them so I had to have the 'special' shampoo etc. *don't remember clearly*

I agree, it really is bad when parents don't spend the time to check for things like this. Yikes, imagine what their houses must be like?! Such a tiny amount of time needed to control this - why is it so hard for some!

Don't know if it will make your eldest son laugh or not, but when I was around his age, I had chicken pox really bad. Like, REALLY.

The wise old (scary) Doctor said I had to have a special bath as well as all the normal creams and potions. BUT the bath goo turned the water bright PURPLE! I was horrified. And scared! I refused to get into the purple bath of scariness and had to be held in it! I still shudder at the memory of a bath with purple water. :p

Nits definitely mean you have wonderful, handsome hair. They only go for the best! :)

Hope your home is soon free of nits and those parents who don't care find their own hair full of the little buggers! That might teach them a lesson!


MonetPaisley said...

I hope the natural stuff works for you joyce. I have never had nits but they love my Monet's hair. have you seen that hair? I tried all the natural stuff but they kept coming back, so I bit the bullet and bought the stinky toxic KP20 stuff. It worked a charm. I try to wash her hair only on a Saturday. Seems they don't like dirty hair, only fresh clean shiny hair.

Poor Monet. Before long she will be colouring and straightening the crap out of her beautiful hair and lice will be a thing of the past.

I think its great that parents take the time to do the lice check at school. I remember having my hair checked by some lady when I was at school.

Glad you had a nice day though, other than those pesky little bugs.

Ooh, now I am itchy just thinking about it.

Annie said...

Oooh! memories of spending hours (bonding time as my youngest would say) lathering the hair with conditioner, dettol and pinetarsol then taking forever to comb and re-comb out the horrible critters. I hate chemical treatments and I know the dettol & pinetarsol weren't the best but it was the only thing that really worked!

I love the idea of using a hair straightener though - good for the left over eggs!

Penelope said...

Oh Joyce I know how you feel!! I have used bog standard hair conditioner and a nit comb 5 nights in a row, no real expense incured and all the little critters are DEAD ! Alice's school only recommends conditioner and suggest parents don't rush out to spend big money as the nit products can be very costly (as you know)

Good luck and yes just the word makes me itch ! xox

'Joyce' said...

oh my gosh, thanks for the comments and advice, yes, I spent a bomb on lice rid stuff when all I really needed was a keg of conditioner. Oh well, the stuff I got was at least successful - fingers crossed. I LOVE the hair straightener idea, totally awesome! Love it, just love it and will be telling my friends especially with girls and longer hair.