Saturday, November 6, 2010

F is for Family

I love me a rainy weekend. . . .

This morning snuggling in bed Minnie and I were reading books together.
There was no hurry to get out of bed, we were all together, a family, at home. The housework can wait, it's been waiting all week while I have been at work, filling orders, fete preparations, studying and being Mum. Tomorrow I will get some cooking done to prepare for lunchbox fillers, but right now, today it's time to recoup, time to be together, time to breathe . . . .

I like our time together, I need our time together.

I picked these poppies and gerberas Friday afternoon, it was raining and when I got home from work, their poor little heads on their long slender stems were kissing the ground from being so heavy with raindrops. These pretty colours are so inspiring me right now. I have a flood of ideas and promise to share more soon.

I have more to share with you towards the end of the week, I am just not able to reveal right now. One of them involves the following items:
cake box
tape and glue
egg cartons
coloured card stock
toilet rolls and lunchwrap roll
lots and lots of paint.

Right now, I am enjoying the sound of my eldest spending time with Dad, I am enjoying the sound of my youngest digging in the lego box exclaiming with glee when he finds just what he is looking for. I am about to fold more washing and replace it with another lot just finished in the machine, and snuggle down with some hooky. (Crochet for those that were wondering!)

Do you love a rainy weekend at your place?
Does it make you a little bit crazy?
Do you shave your legs?
Do you colour in?
Do you play dress ups and sing?
Do you get to snuggle in bed a little longer reading books and cuddling?
Do you pull all the cushions off the lounge and use blankets to build a cubby to drink cups of tea with your teddy bears?
Do you sit by the window having raindrop races?
Do you bake something sweet, taking turns to lick the bowl?
Do you bribe members of your family to brush your hair?
Do you go stomping in puddles and squishy mud?

Tell me what do you love to do when it's raining at your place?

Thanks so much for stopping by.


Penelope said...

Hi Joyce
I love a rainy day as it's my excuse for not doing the things I need to do but really don't want to! I can always blame it on the rain (hee hee)
Here we are baking, reading, writing stories, Alice is making a den today and snuggling up with a teddy or 2 and reading stories to them and having a tea party with her other furry friends. We will eat together and play board games as a family. Such precious time, no cost involved, no expectations just good memeories xox enjoy the rest of your rainshine xox

Clara said...

We are having too much rain at the moment, so much that some people have flooding and there have been power outages due to high winds(yesterday). I usually love rainy days though just listening to music, crocheting or catching up on other things. It's a nice time to relax and reflect too.

'Joyce' said...

oh Penelope, I LOVE the sound of your day. Totally agree and so good to hear.
Clara, oh gosh, I don't like hearing about that sort of rain. Keep dry at your place and I hope it stops very soon for you all. Take Care. xx

AlyshaJane said...

I am *so* jealous of all of your wonderful family times. Not *quite* time for us to be parents yet, so I really enjoy reading about your experiences as a wonderful Mum, Joyce!

I shall be like you - playing amongst the piles of Lego and building fabulous creations! :)